7, Li Xiang will go into the CCTV ten sets of characters in the 22

December 7th evening ten ten, please pay attention to the ten sets of CCTV program – Li Xiang into CCTV "characters".

      Li Xiang; founder of bubble net.

      in the eyes of the media, Li Xiang is rich; in the eyes of investors, Li Xiang is worthy to invest heavily in potential shares; in the eyes of the company employees, Li Xiang is love, love the car are big boy; in the eyes of Li Xiang, Li Xiang’s 80s population.

      from personal website to professional IT vertical website, from high school graduates to bubble net CEO, Li Xiang, the young man is leading the youngest team in Zhongguancun in a young way. You can not imagine, a hundred professional IT site CEOs, in what way and their team to create entertainment.

      "character" column – "Li Xiang", for you to find a different CEO, an entertainment, a firm goal, a strong execution of the 25 year old CEO.
  concerned about Li Xiang, concerned about the bubble network, thank you!

CCTV-10 "character" column profile

broadcast time:

      CCTV-10 22:10 premiered Monday to Saturday; replay second days 13:30 Sunday 12:15 Saturday program replay.

      CCTV Science Channel large column "character", with a unique perspective, innovative ideas, attention to contemporary civilization that showing people wisdom, creativity and extraordinary excellence of character; concern with strange ideas, dare to go beyond the conventional, the courage to challenge the limits of the people concerned about the major events of the experience; our people, witnesses and collection of cultural and traditional attention; in some areas have made a special contribution but little-known, but their creation is rewriting the people living condition and thought of our style.

      column to the documentary as the main form, adding later studio packaging, the use of a variety of characters, oral image data rich and moderate details reproduction shooting style, form vivid, plain and unpretentious, the depth of the column style. Calm, atmosphere, scholar based host style, the program and the audience to build an organic communication platform.

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