How to deal with giants beware of seven weapons



Internet industry is a sinister arena, people drift in the lake, it will inevitably be a knife.

UC product President He Xiaopeng

a lot of people say Chinese Internet industry is a dangerous arena, although China Internet giants not in cologne series novel "seven weapons" in the description of the Qinglong will then "evil", but floating in rivers and lakes, there will inevitably be a knife. Startups in the encounter with the giants, they also tend to take these or feminine, or fierce offensive means of startup / pressure:

1, invite the start-up company product team to communicate or visit

2, with the same location, copy and launch the product

3, the use of a large number of channels to promote the advantages of occupation of the market

4, pay dig people, undermine the stability of the team

5, poaching partners, destruction of the ecological chain

6, breaking the entrepreneurial business model

7, crack down on start-up companies employees, investors, industry confidence

these methods are basically large companies use their relative venture capital and resources design, specifically when to use which means they by this start-up companies have made the product and market development stage in different periods of judgment. Judo strategy is to deal with the "Tao", and to deal with these means, the need is "surgery". Since 2009, we have more than all kinds of weapons have gone through the experience of the record here, hoping to be reminded of other entrepreneurs.

weapon one: invite venture company product team to communicate or visit

at the beginning of 2009, the UC product team had also received an Internet giant invitations, they want to visit, exchange, I did not understand their purpose, easily promised. Later, just want to understand, received such an invitation, means that your product has already caused the attention of the big, and invite your team to communicate with only one purpose – to see the team, you judge how strong fighting force. So if you are a business team, received such invitations, that remember the two fundamental principles, first, exchanges between the two sides more multi level the higher the more not to participate in; second, not in their own internal communication. Finally, get ready for the real thing behind the challenge of the giant soon to launch the same product.

weapon two: with the same location, copy and launch the product

the next second steps, is indeed the giant launched a similar product. What should I do now?

first, do not be afraid of being copied, I think a good product has its own shape, God, pulp, most of the plagiarism can only be copied to the first

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