Google official Google Adsense rumors on the part of the clarification

this afternoon, at the invitation of Google Adsense China team, to Google China to participate in a small seminar to benefit from the philippines. Google official online rumors about some of the news on the Google Adsense the following reply.

rumor 1: when your Google Adsense account in the dollar is close to $100 will be K.
Google official said there is absolutely no such thing. Google will not easily determine the user, Google a Google Adsense will be discontinued after detailed and rigorous evidence, so as to avoid injury. Even if being injured, Google Adsense group will also give notice in the mail user specified with the complaint channels, users still have the right to appeal.

Google official again mainly according to the user’s address to check whether the account, and not because of the two Google Adsense users accidentally login on the same computer and other reasons to simply determine the related account.

2 is a special area for meeting and leisure, such as gym, yoga room, massage room, large refrigerator filled with food and drink, and so on. All of them have moved to China in Google. It is reported that there is a small leisure area on each floor of the Google office building.

Google China Building in addition to the color of the building on the Google logo is not publicity, only in front of the building

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