Talk about me to do some of the site Taobao guest experience


passenger should be able to say that a year ago, when listening to friends that there is a way to make money is to use their sites to help others to promote their products and the Commission, after the query to Baidu slowly learned that the so-called Wangzhuan is at present most people do Taobao off. See the Taobao home page that the guest billboard after I moved, feel like Taobao off the home page that Taobao really make money off.

people say that everything is hard in the beginning, but my beginning is difficult, do Taobao customers first need is to have their own website, but I didn’t know how to build a website. So it is passionate but see those people who make money through Taobao, I can only catch up, the first thing I do is to make a website.

because I’d learned in school some of the ASP language, for some simple website he was able to do, not only is not what site experience, so my first website is a computer network knowledge I code a knock out, did not know that the Internet can find some ready-made the template. When my first website formally launched after very passionate to do, every day staring at the site visit statistics. After a period of time to do a really about 200IP per day. Although put some advertising alliance, but did a few months down, Baidu and Google are not included in all the $one hundred. And every day also had to adhere to the update, the feeling is not what her final like.

and because the content of the site update is very troublesome, so I chose the revision, the website program completely replaced. Replaced with a collection function of the article system, after the revision I only took a few minutes to collect thousands of articles. Completely out of the previous article is difficult to update the problem.

but that’s why I’ve been severely punished. Remember before the site did not change before, no day to site is about 200IP, and the website after website visit every day only dozens of IP, and the most serious consequence is the Google included isdecreasing. Google is now only a home page. That is, even now the site can be collected every day thousands of articles, but the search engine will not be included. So here I suggest you honestly do stand.

my first experience on this site announced the end, and now the site has been put there no one management, every day is a few dozen IP. But although the first station is a failure, but the process of learning a lot of things. So I decided to do second sites, that is, has always wanted to do and do not do Taobao guest website.

in a number of forums and webmasters to discuss the most on the Taobao is nothing more than weight loss website. Maybe I don’t have any new ideas, but also with others to do. Soon found a template on the Internet and then the site built up.


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