Two ways to make money through the nternet

long ago how to write such an article, but the time has been very tight, now he can finally write out, as the saying goes: do not eat horse manure night grass, no windfall is not rich. Today, according to my own experience, to give you a brief introduction of the two methods through the Internet to make money, as can earn "windfall", the key depends on whether you are willing to learn, willing to put into action.

the first way: to build a personal website, through the placement of advertising to make money. This is the "traditional" methods, investment is not large, a COM domain for one year is fifty or sixty dollars, the virtual space size of 1G one hundred or two hundred dollars a year, this is an investment, must spend, do not want to spend money. Then is the site of the program, did not contact the friends in this area will feel that it is too difficult to do a website, it is necessary to write the program, the design of what page. In fact, I want to say, is not so difficult as you think, you don’t need to write procedures, free use of the existing procedures for you to use, and the function is strong enough, I have been using the technology of content management system, such as "easy money" is the use of science. The beginning of the use of the time it is difficult to feel, but read the documents they provide help, the use of skilled, you will find that it is very simple. You can also set up a forum directly, with the discuz program on the line, as long as you are willing to learn, I think we can learn. Then put on the website of the Google Adsense ad code on it. Think of ways to promote their website, the more people to your site, click on the number of ads will be more, the more money you earn.

in addition to advertising revenue, you can also use the site to sell products, sell services, as long as you can think of can be. With more and more Chinese website, do Chinese website to make money has become more and more difficult, but I believe that if you work hard enough, enough to be a piece of cake! There is a way, you can do English website truly earned dollars, this is my last few days thinking the problem, I also had to do English station idea, but do not feel, self handicapping, never try, two days before seen Wang Tong wrote "make $100 a day" e-books, feel the need to try to do English station, in fact, according to what he said, not English also can do English station, income is several times Chinese station several times. Interested friends can contact me, I put the electronic version of "earned $100" to you.

second ways: online shop. This is another way to make money online, in addition to pay some time to take care of the shop, shop costs almost zero. I always want to try to sell things on the Internet, but also on their website, also did not open. Where is the shop? Is the first choice of the largest individual, Chinese online trading platform, daily trading volume of four hundred million yuan. More time, you can pat the network, Baidu has ah, such as C2C platform shop. What do you want to sell? It’s a good time to take a look at the Internet search what Taobao sells

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