The two entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed Need to solve these new problems

editor’s note: "failure" in the conservative China is never a glorious words, but for entrepreneurs, investors tend to be more love "serial entrepreneur", because it is behind that rich experience and extraordinary mind. Everything has two sides, the author knows the short "entrepreneurs benefit failure", but also put forward a new dilemma faced some "Second-time Founders", and gives some feasible solutions that he.


investors are very optimistic about the two entrepreneurs, especially the founder of past success stories. Reason: two times completely bared there and then entrepreneurs experience more easy to query and reference; they have gone through a lot of pits, never fell; they are more than entrepreneurial mice to raise funds and manage funds etc..

and many first time entrepreneurs often told me that they learned how much experience the school motto, the next time you have to deal with such a situation will how to better. Startups always have a lot of trouble, but the second will be much better.

however, I found that entrepreneurs in the early stages of the search for second projects will also face some challenges.

over the past few years, a large number of experienced entrepreneurs choose EIR (editor’s note: EIR Entrepreneur, in Residence, refers to the entrepreneurs in the business, to an investment agency for a year, the two sides also give each other their each one takes what he needs, a jump point) or into the next journey in. To my surprise, only a few of them have done it, or have taken a long time to find the right track and start. It sounds unbelievable, but it is not unusual. This seems to indicate that the two entrepreneurs are also facing their own problems.

reasons are as follows:

lack of driving force

entrepreneurs do the first project is often born with strong experience and passion, so willing to sacrifice a lot of time, money and energy to keep the project alive. The founder may not be as experienced as today, but he / she has a unique view of a problem, and has a unique driving force of entrepreneurship.

to the second venture, the situation is different. Many of the two entrepreneurs deal with problems more thoughtfully, and more discipline. In some cases, this may be a way, but this process will make the development of the project timeline becomes unpredictable.

away from familiar areas

some of the successive entrepreneurs tend to stay away from familiar areas. This is due to boredom and frustration with the direction of the past, or that they know too much about the field that they don’t want to go on.

running a company sometimes needs "stupid optimism". I’ve heard a lot about founding

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