Mobile nternet campus Entrepreneurship This is almost a microcosm of the whole world

mobile Internet business wind up in the campus of the enduring market, mobile Internet entrepreneurs have been frequently involved, they must attack style to complete the layout of the campus O2O.

today we come together to sort out the whole campus market is the mobile Internet business dynamics, and the same as before, just talk about the existing state of the campus mobile entrepreneurship, all other trends we summarize.

first, campus social

when every dream activity of teenagers all entered the campus, this is definitely a little need screening "precise user" market, but also a huge precise circle of users, and the poorest endless yan.

campus social, we talk about the hottest from everyone, that is, the school network. 2006 to 2010, Renren Daxing, as for the later stage of the great decline we have to say that it failed to comply with the trend in time, will go out of the campus users who keep it,

but we assume that if everyone does not decline, it needs to do what


first, social mobile Internet layout; second, stop the loss of users. Yes, after solving these two problems, it has basically been able to cut off the road of decline, but the world is often the case: it is too easy to say, it is too difficult to do.

so, the day before the mobile Internet in the field of O2O campus, campus social this piece has not yet formed a major leadership team, as WeChat, Tencent, not a campus social category APP.

second, campus course APP

from middle school to university, the curriculum management of APP is endless, we in the college market as an example, some online courses in reading, transcripts, and processing and reading professional selected course information, have developed its own value, but the current situation throughout the campus, can of course APP still does not exist.

third, campus activity platform and campus life service platform

about student exchange activities, living services in the field of entrepreneurship, has become one of the major developments in the field of mobile Internet entrepreneurs, public comments and other life service platform "invasion", and other professional services platform to capture the soy sauce, the rise of campus life, some for small entrepreneurial team students finishing school activity information……

in addition, the campus football, bike sharing service, some campus campus charter service platform, running errands in the daily rise in the campus of the big circle, some more detailed and more personalized service requirements are also increasingly mining.

fourth, campus breakfast, campus takeaway

in addition to spiritual needs, the students still need some practical help, such as the campus breakfast field and >

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