Unprecedented complexity! 2017 will be the most difficult year for investment!

2017 is to grasp the trend, if you do not grasp the trend is good, you want to reflect the performance of the investment is very difficult. What do you want to do with the big trend? Since 2017 is a sign of volatility, you may have a good harvest in 2017 if you want to make a basic strategy for volatility.

recently, senior vice president, Oppenheimer fund senior fund manager Li Shanquan CRE securities in the 2017 annual strategy meeting that 2017 will be a year of unprecedented complexity, is probably the most difficult year for investment.


nobody knew Trump would be what brand of European countries, the election gave birth to change, Asia Japan and South Korea also faces a lot of uncertainty. The capital market is not meant to peace, there are three major trends will be reversed, their changes will bring inestimable impact to the stock market, property market and money market, must not be let down.

first, in 2017 the situation unprecedented complex

from the point of view of global investment, now placed in front of the task, I have a basic judgment, 2017 is a turning point, may be the most difficult year to meet the investment.

this year there are too many uncertainties, changes mainly reflect these aspects:

is one of the biggest changes in the world’s major economies. Simply speaking, the new president, the game is no doubt a series of policies to begin, the at least one risk should pay particular attention to, every day in the media headlines, a lot of things scare you with me, what results do not know, at least every day will have a new message, which is the main the source of causing huge fluctuations in the market, the new president of the United States is the first.

second look at the situation in Europe, Italy after the election, the election in Germany was followed by elections in France, all the problems are directly related to the stability of the euro area is directly related to the euro, because the euro is connected with the dollar, the world’s second largest currency of any global capital have wind sways grass, re configuration.

third the situation in Asia is not particularly good, there is a lot of content that expand on. Japan seems neither dead nor alive for so many years, in fact, Abe economics basically no chance of winning, the final result must be in a complete mess.

South Korea is now politically problematic, economically problematic, and one that includes China, Taiwan, etc.. China’s economic slowdown is mainly the problem of how to look at, in the end what is our way out, can not find a suitable policy support, so that we come out of this predicament?.

anyone knows that the adjustment of economic structure, overcapacity adjustment is a very painful process, due to the capital to Guantingbingzhuan, wasted on Chinese to prevent as much as possible to reduce the waste of capital "

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