Ma Yun dialogue Hongkong youth more than need only ten to fifteen years


technology news August 9th morning news, Ma 8 evening in Beijing attended the Beijing Union University asked Ma "activities, and to the" Hongkong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship All people belong to one family. "delegation made a speech, even to fly 9 country business, time is unable to reverse, but the horse cloud still pointing Jiangshan, witty.

"there is no better time than it is now"

said Chinese, young people pressure, in fact Hongkong is the same, after Ma has been in Hongkong for local young people a lesson, this is the second lessons.

"we are ordinary people, my parents, teachers, classmates…… I never thought I’d make it, but it turned out to be a big reversal." Ma came to power on self resources, "admitted to the police, 5 people admitted to 4, I did not last; go to the KFC waiter candidates, 24 people admitted to 23, and I was not accepted."

Ma Yun even joked that not long ago, he also found himself in charge of Kentucky Fried Chicken, maybe some people are born or entrepreneurial life."

does that entrepreneur encourage every young person to start a business?

clinker as the most successful example of China’s grassroots entrepreneurs Ma has made a foreshadowing: if I start again, never again." At the same time, he also suggested: young people can also find a good boss, a good team, but also good, do not have to do their own boss."

however, Schmidt, Ma quickly began Ariadne: "no one times better than now. In human history there have been three great revolution, the industrial revolution, Britain took 50 years to develop; technology revolution, the United States spent 50 years; it is the human history of the third revolution, the age of the Internet has been in the past 20 years, the next 30 is the key."

"you have to catch up with me, ten to fifteen years on the line"

said, "don’t see me cry, because I don’t have time to cry, so I have to watch my opponent cry."."

"everyone wants to be successful today, then you have to see ten years later; we all see that after ten years, you can try to see today."

entrepreneurship is not a matter of money…… You can borrow money from your parents and borrow from your friends. If you don’t lend it to you, you have a problem with your character."

over time, Ma more wit in high and vigorous spirits, constantly. He even said to the 2000 young men, "it is impossible for you to surpass us in one or two years, unless we are stupid. But if it’s 10 or 15 years, it’s very likely."

Alibaba is the future of the economic infrastructure to build


is just facing the young people a group of a green hand, but Ma is seriously abnormal, even took out their own research experience: the development direction of the Internet economy in the future.


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