Big data entrepreneurs, where the data come from Need to cross a few hurdle

you no grass root data, how to play? First, you can say through the third party purchase data, data hall have a lot of data and share sale; secondly, you can use the crawler crawl back to some data to storage; furthermore, to accumulate data through the use of big data tools to enterprises, developers, owners and so on authorized. Finally, using free government, businesses, and institutions to open data.


this article consider for a long time did not write, on the one hand to write some dry cargo hand, want to write some fascinating, tangled tangled to go, finally decided to write to a neutral point of view of the users, try to write some popular.

May 10, 2013, the ten anniversary of Taobao’s Party – Ma retirement speech, Ma said: This is an era of change. Some people did not figure out the PC, the mobile Internet has come; not clear the mobile Internet, big data to. The age of change is the age of youth.

Ma Yun said this sentence is key, he not only talked about big data, but also with a statement of the Internet from the PC era, the evolution of mobile Internet era, and then from the advanced mobile Internet era to the era of big data. There are several key points are very important: PC era, the world spawned a large number of Internet listed companies, including Google, Amazon, Sina, Sohu, New Oriental, etc.;


mobile Internet era, Chinese business boom fast, not only have a large number of mobile Internet (including Mobile Games) companies listed on the United States, it is the birth of numerous entrepreneurial miracle. Mobile Internet not only brings convenience to our lives, but also to the entrepreneurial boom to the highest peak in history.

now the problem, the era of big data, entrepreneurial boom should be more lively than the mobile Internet era? How big data era of entrepreneurship?

first answer to the question: the era of big data, entrepreneurial boom should be more lively than the mobile Internet era


as far as I know, not. Walking on the streets of Zhongguancun venture, you can receive 100 financing BP, there may be 99 copies of the APP and O2O projects, but more than 99 of the family will pay attention to big data in the.

so big data era how to do poineering work, please first understand the big data entrepreneurial threshold.

threshold: data

big data big data, no data how to play? So where does the data come from?

like Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba such BAT companies, itself has accumulated a large amount of data, so they play big data, mostly is a big money". Of course, it can be said that a few BAT companies play big data example, such as Baidu’s Baidu migration, Baidu actuarial, Baidu public opinion, Baidu big data prediction engine, etc.

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