8868 hand travel trading platform – Guangdong ten small and micro enterprises

21-22 day, two days of the Guangdong Internet Conference / global mobile Internet CEO summit held in Guangzhou. The opening ceremony of the general assembly, by the third party mobile Internet data mining and integrated marketing agency iiMedia Research Group (world famous AI Media Consulting Group) hosted the 2014 annual Guangdong province Internet ten innovative enterprises "held a grand ceremony. 8868 hand travel trading platform (www.8868.cn), a company owned by Guangzhou fun Mdt InfoTech Ltd was awarded the "Guangdong Province, the ten small and micro enterprises" award.



awards by the Internet Information Office of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province Communications Authority, Chinese Internet Association Guide, sponsored by the Guangdong Internet association, Guangdong Internet Conference, AI media consulting contractors. Innovative enterprise this award not only shows that the government and the industry for the 8868 hand travel trading platform certainly, but also proved the commercial value of the 8868 hand travel trading platform, development prospects and innovation.

8868 Mobile Games trading platform (wp.8868.cn) is currently the largest independent third party trading platform, serving more than 300 million Chinese mobile phone game player, to provide professional, convenient and safe game trading services. The platform independent research and development of CBC automatic trading model, retreat Bao Bao Trading Model to replace the human technology, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of mobile phone account transactions.

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