This world is crazy! 4 billion 800 million GEM companies actually need three new board companies, 20

in addition to enhance profits, the acquisition of Zhuo shadow technology, the market value of gold and technology will also be upgraded. Jin Ya Technology to 600 million yuan acquisition Zhuo shadow technology, corresponding to PE about 21 times. The assets into the gem, under normal circumstances, at least 1 billion 200 million.

once the gem veteran, now rely on a new three board company continued life, this is probably the largest of the gem and the new board.

January 16th, the three new board company Zhuo shadow technology (833894.OC) announced that the company intends to be the gem company Gold Technology (300028) $600 million acquisition. A "behind the scenes marriage across the board, to the satisfaction of all", it was a hidden joke — earlier in the new three board only 264 million valuation JOEM technology, but with colorful auspicious clouds to "save" the market value of 4 billion 800 million geeya.

In 2009 the first batch of 28 companies

landing gem, Ultrapower fell, Huayi Brothers up, living death, geeya descent into a new three board company continued life".

sadly, in the whole acquisition, read Jun saw a sad phenomenon: GEM companies rely on the new three board company continued life, the new board risked danger "to leave the new board.

6 hundred million acquisition of three new board companies, by the "237 million"

January 16th, Zhuo shadow science and technology announcement, said the company intends to be acquired by the Asia Pacific Technology, Zhuo shadow technology 100% stake in the transaction price initially set at 6 hundred million. Which paid 363 million yuan in cash, the remaining $237 million in equity payments.

Zhuo shadow technology is a smart set-top box terminal application software company, in October 23, 2015 listed three new board. February 2, 2016, the company launched a new round of three fixed increase, a total of 24 million yuan to raise funds, was valued at $264 million.

this was the 600 million acquisition of gold technology, corresponding to the PE is good for 21 times. This is a good deal for shareholders at least for shadow technology.

but read the monarch to see that the acquisition and the previous acquisition of a big difference. That is, the Asia Pacific technology is very special equity payment. The company paid to the shadow of science and technology stocks, is the second largest shareholder of Asia Pacific Technology Wang Shirong no interest loans to the company.

gold technology acquisition report shows that the acquisition is installment form. JOEM technology intends to terminate the listing period, get 60 million yuan deposit; 100% equity under the name geeya within 15 days, get 150 million yuan; in 2018 2017, after the completion of performance commitments within 15 days after the disclosure of the annual report, respectively 75 million yuan, 77 million 662 thousand and 100 yuan. And one-time access to the company’s second largest shareholder Wang Shirong transfer up to $17 million 198 thousand and 400.

two shareholders to "stock" to the acquisition of the acquisition of technology, the original

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