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8:00 the evening of July 27th, nine venture capital founder Wang Xiao horse school line vertical platform it combined with a live horse app launched heavyweights recruit acts second season, looking for the founder and driving force to change the world at the beginning of the heart. Maximum number of live online 257 thousand, dark horse learn it & Phoenix & a live broadcast of the final cumulative number of platforms to watch the number of 7 million 698 thousand.

Wang Xiao said "Baidu seven Musketeers", made numerous star project at Baidu for 11 years. In 2010 he officially quit from Baidu, founded in 2011 nine venture capital. Five years, Wang Xiao saw more than 5 thousand projects, dropped about 150, including the kitchen, 51, 91 financial, social security cameras, college geeks, butter star piano and a number of outstanding entrepreneurial projects. Let the capital and resources to continue flourishing, angel investing is the choice of Wang xiao. Don’t talk nonsense, go straight, pitch you got up to leave the king has decided to Xiaozao.

live, Wang Xiao described the entrepreneurial opportunity, entrepreneurial rhythm, entrepreneurial entry point and other aspects of the content, and published on the Internet banking, content entrepreneurship, tourism and other industries.

In this paper, a

(according to Wang Xiao live online content arrangement. Download the dark horse learn it can be free to watch the full version of the video back to broadcast.


the following is a summary of the wonderful view of Wang Xiao:

the first 11 years of my entrepreneurial experience is to witness and participate in Baidu from scratch, witnessed a giant company with the advent of the Internet and the rapid development of the course. Entrepreneurship is to me, is a valuable, ask the feelings of things, which is the main reason I can adhere to entrepreneurship fifteen years six. In this process, I have some experience, experience, hope to be able to use today’s live, to pass them to more young people.

1 any entrepreneurial opportunity window will not exceed one year

in the entrepreneurial process, the timing of the choice may be the most important, even more important than money, more important than the team. Therefore, entrepreneurs should learn to choose the right time to cut into valuable points or solve the right problem.

, for example, in 2010 -2016, so that the mobile Internet related things are very easy to get results, do something related to the traditional Internet is difficult to see large companies appear again. So, this time cut into the mobile Internet related businesses may be a right time. And some of the early mobile Internet related companies may not necessarily line.

in fact, the underlying laws and methodologies of the Internet is not particularly difficult to understand. Simply say that the Internet is the transmission of information, information on the Internet at the speed of light to pass, the distance between people and the distance between space and time, is greatly compressed. And this change in time and space, especially the mobile Internet is a change in the underlying law of time and space. In the past, why we have distribution channels, because of geographical, spatial, logistics reasons. However, such as

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