Young people do not always want to start a business empire

recently, at Yingjie Exchange Center of Peking University, has a special dialogue and.

a girl holding a microphone stand up and say: "I’m from Shandong, and now in Shandong and students intend to do a new venture. Now our disadvantage is that there is no technology, no publicity, shops, logistics and transport experience, there is no money, but also conflict with academic……" Here, the audience laughed.

but the North girls not discouraged, then said: "we do research, think the high-tech industry is promising, we don’t want to be mediocre, say a little exaggeration, we want to set up their own business empire! We also worry about their own lack of capacity, if failed, may take into account of the school, want to ask what do you suggest?"

her question is the president of the Hongkong chamber of Commerce, the Hongkong Sun Group Chairman Yang Zhao. The white haired entrepreneurs did not laugh, but carefully answered her question.

from the beginning to learn to fly from the mountains, carefully fell very miserable

at the scene, Yang Zhao admitted that his answer may be "young people are not willing to listen to the facts": "the old saying, the lofty tower by play. Now high tech project investment costs are high, but, on the whole, the probability of success is very low. Although you have a lot of great ideals, but money, technology, experience nothing, how successful?

he gave the girl’s advice: "you should just step by step. To do business is like swimming, can not always learn in a calm pool, or dare to jump into the sea, in practice, work to learn. From the beginning, want to learn to fly from the mountains, carefully fell badly. Those who were not killed entrepreneurs, are out of step by step."

"young people don’t start thinking about their empire. If you ask Li Jiacheng, he began to start empty-handed, did not think so much to do today. In particular, don’t speak in a very short period of time, please give yourself one to three years, from thinking, slowly accumulated some precipitation is obtained. Everyone does not necessarily become a big entrepreneur, the minimum limit can also be independent."

this speech exchange meeting from the Department of sociology, art, law school and other departments of the youth representatives, most of them have participated in entrepreneurial projects or entrepreneurial ideas.

a boy asked: "now Chinese" Internet plus "fry very hot, Chinese increasingly optimistic about the Internet business, but the real success of Internet companies also dozens, but in fact, the success of enterprises in traditional industries more than a few thousand. How to look at the opportunities in the Internet industry,

Yang Zhao said: "the new Internet technology is worth the jump into the sea. Young people have plenty of energy, time, brains, choose to jump down, but do not know how many people can succeed. If you choose to invest, you must be good at observation, thinking."

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