Entrepreneurs do not want to do CEO he should first be a good sales (two)

entrepreneurs tend to see themselves as a guest rather than a salesman, in this regard, marketing theory and practical operation of expert Jeff Hoffman reminds us to face the problem, to develop their own sales enthusiasm.

Hoffman is not only an outstanding CEO, but also in the world as well as a number of well-known enterprises and institutions as management. At the same time, he is also a senior consultant for many entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies to provide a very valuable sales training services. He said: "if you plan to invest a lot of manpower and material resources for a good project and legal affairs, you should also put equal effort to improve your sales skills. After all, other than you, others do not know whether your product is really worth buying."

but this does not mean that you use fatigue tactics to challenge the patience of consumers. Good sales are not so annoying. It is like a dance, you will need the exquisite beyond compare, then surgery, psychological tactics and interpersonal to grasp the rhythm of your. And you can rely on, is the plan in advance, the strain on the spot, as well as entrepreneurs who love innovation.

don’t worry, let’s step by step.

How to win the customer’s attention

Doug Baldasare opened a company in Philadelphia – ChargeItSpot, the main product is available at the retailer for the use of mobile phone charging pile. He met almost every novice entrepreneurs will encounter the problem: in the inability to make specific presentations to customers, how to reflect the charm of the product?

He previously attended Walton

trust business school know professor introduced him to wfmi (Whole Foods) a local branch of management personnel. After some explanation, he said to each other: simply put the device in the store to try it." Finished, he put the charging pile moved to the supermarket leisure area. The other side has not yet responded, he has to drive away. Six hours later, a total of 50 people in the supermarket statistics charged here – turnover.

since then, Baldasare increasingly bold. In a meeting with a client company CEO, he directly with a 3D printer to do a 1: 10 charging pile model, and then stay on the other side of the desktop. "The most powerful person in the company will see it," Baldasare said. "They think that it is already CEO approved products." He gave a few sets of charging pile past, so that the company knows who it is family. In the end, the company was persuaded by him to increase the order. On another occasion, he is buying company shares worth $35465, and a copy will be sent to the company holding the certificate of CEO, and a message: "I know that you and I both are in the pursuit of commercial value, your company’s stock value will be in the future. And if you can agree to cooperate with me, you need to pay the number is so much." He.

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