Comments entrepreneurship is not winter, the heart will always be determined

2014 is known as the first year of public entrepreneurship, who would like to get, less than two years, we have heard the voice of one after another, the entrepreneurial winter comes. Spread on the network of start-up companies "death list" has been stretched, some of the harsh critics predicted that the bubble burst sooner or later.

we’re not so pessimistic. When starting the gate opens, all people swarmed in, you don’t know who is the most aggressive runner. Only time is the only witness. Time will remove some of the patient, they would have no intention to pay all, just want to get fast track return. Others were defeated in the years, and they were not prepared for such a long battle.

so we do see that the start-up company is a large area of death, six months ago has been used as the field of the air, but now it is mercilessly abandoned by investors. But this could explain what? Was blown into the air by the wind once the pig, still fell heavily on the ground. We found that in many areas, investors are still complaining that there is no good investment projects. Operating a business, if not to meet the needs of users as a starting point, can not effectively solve practical problems, for users or investors, the enterprise is worthless.

stand in this perspective, entrepreneurship is ushering in the best of times. It is based on such a judgment that we launch the "flower buds". The flower bud, in early puberty, in our eyes, all enterprise entrepreneurship is growing, can be called "flower enterprise". We invited 40 investment institutions and investors, the recommended 5 start-up companies, we will be on the 200 startup display, and select 40 in-depth reports, the "flower enterprises" will appear on the Economic Observer newspaper published December 28th Annual — this is just a start. Five years, we will continue to follow these enterprises in 2020, at this time, we will provide all the mystery – what startups can chengjiubaye dominate.

flower bud born in such a Pentium era: the new economic norm means that the old demand has been saturated, the new demand is not enough supply. Pessimistic or optimistic, depending on where you stand. This generation of Chinese people want a lot of things, such as the safety and nutrition of milk powder, scientific and technological use of rice cookers, user-friendly toilets and even the exquisite nail clippers and kitchen utensils. China is rising in the middle class of hundreds of millions of people, their demand for goods and services means a profound consumer revolution. They need customized medical services, they prefer a more personalized travel and entertainment experience. These requirements are met in a large extent? In fact we heard more complaints, those seemingly crazy overseas shopping and consumer behavior, can be seen as the Chinese entrepreneurs that – this is a good chance.

more importantly, entrepreneurship has become possible for everyone to practice. Business registration system reform to make business easier. State Administration for Industry and commerce data

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