M law Zheng Minglong 12 years behind the era of nternet entrepreneurs ambition

m law founder Zheng Minglong

Sina Technology Li

lawyer is a row of information generation career, if you work for more than ten years, in addition to contacts, reputation, industry resources, most still have a considerable income and stable life.

get up at 6:30 in the morning, eat breakfast, read, about 8 points to the company, handling of mail and day arrangements, and then tea, about lunch, see clients around 4:30 in the afternoon, after work to go home for dinner with his wife and children in Xiamen, noon and the lunch time.

this is the daily rhythm of Zheng Minglong in May 12th last year before, who is 12 years of experience in senior partner equity legal counsel, in the middle of last year until it is decided to listen to the voice of the heart, also means that there will be great changes in life.

get up at 6, on the way to the company, 6:30 breakfast, began to deal with the business of the day and arrangements, then open products, see customers, see candidates, hurried lunch, see customers, see candidates, night summary at home……

this is the daily rhythm of Zheng Minglong began in June 23rd, from this day, his official family came to Beijing, located in "Mobile Internet Lawyer", founded the Beijing rice law network science and technology limited company.

for a year in the life of a huge contrast, Zheng Minglong said: "super like to do now."

to the best of times

created the law of rice, and Zheng Minglong thought it was the best time. Previously, as early as 2006, in fact, he founded a legal adviser website to test the water, to the year 2010, in the electricity supplier swept all the impact, he began to study the Internet legal electricity supplier. In 2014, he began to venture tide sensitive to raging like a storm, the waiting time has come true.

China’s corporate legal services market is huge, far more than the current market size of some of the site’s "statistical" data, the future will be better and better. Huge and rapid development of the legal services market, the legal service providers to put forward higher requirements. Legal services, legal and professional skills is on the one hand, at the same time should also pay attention to the essence of service, active, professional and reasonable price, products meet the legal needs of users, improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of it, you need to give full play to the advantages of the internet." Zheng Minglong think for a long time and attention to the development of Internet law, is very optimistic about the Internet legal service market in the future, and want to own the best Internet business legal services to the entrance, to enter the market.

‘lawyer if you want to have a career, before the road is coming to the senior, founded his own firm, another branch." Zheng Minglong does not want to follow the old path, the favorite Apple lawyer, hopes to build a product driven "mobile internet firms", a legal Crowdsourcing Internet platform.


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