Venture 16 months valuation of $1 billion founder said either dead or first

on-line from March 2014 to August 2015 to get E round of financing, the financial services platform for college students is one of the Internet Co in consumer installment the fastest development, in the ant gold suit after the investment, the valuation has more than $1 billion. Luo Min, the founder of fun stage, either dead, or the first.



network operators in the world by Wu Sifan

August 11th, announced the interest installments about $200 million E round of financing, by the ants gold collar vote, Kunlun World Wide Web, bluerun source code, such as capital investment, consumer installment platform starting from the campus, the company will gradually expand to the campus business, consumer installment, rent and other white-collar business.

interesting aspects of the said, after the current round of financing, the ant will be appointed to the board of directors of the board of directors of interest installments. Fun staging the gold suit and ant’s Alipay, sesame and other types of business credit depth to carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation, work together to build the financial ecosystem campus consumption, help China thirty million college student credit life open.

previously, fun stage has completed the four round of financing. A round by bluerun invest millions of dollars; B Golden Summit, round by the source of capital and bluerun invest $about 25000000; in November 2014, completed a $100 million C round of financing; in April 2015, $62 million investment led by the Kunlun World Wide Web, bluerun, source of capital with the cast.


investors interested in the world wide web of financial data phased

March 24, 2015, the fun stage of the largest competitors staged music announced the acquisition of DST and Jingdong investment, which may also be one of the reasons to touch the fun to actively seek a new round of financing.

in the staging of interest to get D round of financing, "Luo Min wrote in a letter to" buddy: "in just a short time we completed the four round of financing, we are in 2014 since the establishment of the most rapid development of Internet Co almost! We will soon move towards" unicorn "into a $one billion company this year! We will grow more than 1000% compared with last year, sales of more than 10 billion."

according to the investment side of the world wide web, Kunlun announcement shows that it intends to increase the interest of $25293737 by way of installments to achieve this capital increase after the completion of the interest stage of the 4.05% stake. Thus, it can be speculated that the valuation of the interest stage will be more than 1 billion u.s..

fun staging founder, was born in 1983, Luo Min is a continuous entrepreneur, this is his third venture. He said that the "world network operators" reporter, founded in the interest installments, he tried about ten entrepreneurial direction of online education, campus social networking, ended in failure. During the period of good music to buy tenure, he had to do the idea of staging the campus consumption, good music to buy the founder of Li Shubin is very supportive, to provide him with angel investment, help >

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