Yu Jiawen phenomenon is not a separate case, the five forces will step by step into the abyss

Abstract: the choice of the road itself is a risk, we can only say that the choice should be cautious. We also have our own nature, love beautiful things, more colorful bubble is not good



in the last few days, Yu Jiawen is on fire again. If you look at the eyes become low level, the evaluation standards set in the dissemination of the arrival rate, with low cost, or even free but it can cause public concern and hot, so more than a good is undoubtedly a big winner. Have to admit, Yu Jiawen, you win, even Douglas can’t suppress to say.

Although more than

through their own performance out of a good, let yourself be free of attention and communication, achieve the transmission effect, and even can be used in the "sharing economy" such a fashionable word to describe the "successful" situation, namely free public cognitive surplus power borrowed back.


, return to the entrepreneurs own identity, he was labeled as 90, was behind more 90 entrepreneurs established as example and his brother, now really can every act and every move, every word and action, it should have its lining identity? Spread this free and is able to afford, really it is beneficial and harmless


to answer this question, we need to think calmly, rather than verbally a figure carefree, scold a few sound trouble. Because of the phenomenon of today’s Yu Jiawen, has its own reasons, but also we do not consciously provide all the bystanders help. Together we will be such a grassroots tree as a hero, but also in a step by step to stimulate its climax, and ultimately will be pushed to the climax of the abyss of time. Perhaps there is only one sacrifice of Yu Jiawen, but the damage is the entire entrepreneurial community, the whole social ecology.

1, the media force of the common people and the needs of the spokesman rigid

Yu Jiawen is more sought after by the media, so the reasons behind the analysis must start from the media.

the current society, once occupied the media center of the traditional media has lost the glory of the past, more to the center of the rise of the media power. They have the two elements of media content and channels, or have only one of them, but the real impact of the media.

The rise of

such as WeChat, some grassroots large through reproduced and copied some chicken soup or hot articles, constantly absorbing the attention form the unique capability of communication channel, become a public opinion field more.

and some independent opinion of the so-called self media people, have their own core values and ideas, by writing out, say, play out of the way, the achievement of excellent content. Through the dissemination of content, but also has its own unique media ability, moreover, have the unique content and its own channels, such as large media platform "logic thinking" and "the Wu Xiaobo channel". >

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