Media force entrepreneurial services O2O business success

at this stage of the business service field, "entrepreneur", "36 krypton" and "tiger sniffing" as the representative of the "media + service" mode, more and more recognized by the industry. Following last year, NetEase to test the water, the Sina Financial Technology Division is also planning to enter the field in the near future.

of course, only the media + service to describe the model is not accurate, online + line is the essence. The logic behind it is that the media side is responsible for traffic, server traffic sorting. Where the media is located on the line, the service is in the line, emphasizing the media side strong and vertical depth, more emphasis on server sinking, both ends of the parallel.

and titanium media was later not successful, take another road, is to ignore the line service organization, only vertical media advantage, but can only stare at last realized more difficult.

the flow of the model can be roughly divided into four categories: 1, ordinary users; 2, industry users; 3, entrepreneurs; 4, investors.

business model of the main docking entrepreneurs and investors, the two sides of the service, the establishment of entrepreneurs, investors, themselves, the three party cooperation, cooperation basically completed by the line. This relationship may also be derived from the relevant business, well done, the imagination is actually quite large.

ordinary user level, the most lazy is the realization of advertising, but this is not the mainstream of the future. The entrepreneurs of the user management and the implementation of membership fees this line may be more representative. Members enjoy the business level of service, even ordinary users, it is possible to become a professional user or even entrepreneurs, can be regarded as a strategy to establish user stickiness.

and industry users although does not lack cash, but for entrepreneurs, 36 krypton, tiger sniffing as the representative of the mainstream business services company, has yet to really sink to this level. Personally believe that the provision of a single line of single service, customized professional reports and depth information, may be a good way to help the media and industry researchers to play the advantage.

therefore, the field of entrepreneurial services, media + services, individuals think, in the strict sense, should belong to one of the O2O model.

simple look, the model is only realized on the flow, further look at the impact of the media realized. However, these claims did not touch the essence, the precise argument is that the media influence through the service layer of this filter, the realization of the commercialization of the line, which has a great difference with the previous media influence.

previously, the media industry revenue crisis, although it will lead to loss of activity allowance profit line release, but this approach lacks commercial structural design, as entrepreneurs and 36 as vertical depth and service of krypton is too small. The former is the line as to earn extra money, the latter is regarded as an important part of the business model.

, therefore, the initial starting point is different, leading to each other to their respective bifurcation.

has at least a tactical and strategic approach to "offline activities" and "media operations", and Industry

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