South Korea CEO 80 in Beijing six years entrepreneurship as being hit in the face

Zheng Xuanyu speaks Chinese very easily, "it is hard to force", "fly", "hang" this word he is also very natural to say. But from the Korean label, what he is doing and Chinese 80 entrepreneurs as: do social software, rent their own business, distribute leaflets do promotion to go to school, get financing in Beijing.

he knows the generation after 90 and 80 have been too different. After 80 want to go to the company are like, want to marry his wife is also like." But after 90, a group of people who do not know can play an hour War Within Three Kingdoms. He thinks young people need a more fun social platform. "I don’t think WeChat’s mind is social."

young Zheng Xuanyu wrote the code website in South Korea, military service in Indonesia as a foreigner, think about life, culminating in the Beijing China rolling wave of entrepreneurship to find their own career. When back home to the father. "What is education when entrepreneurship is not easy."

see entrepreneurship from his point of view, what is the matter? The day before, Zheng Xuanyu accepted the I horse interview about his entrepreneurial life.

junior high school to open the company to write code, military service in Indonesia thinking about life

I’m very interested in computers. Seven or eight years old, even ABC do not know, began to write code. Grade four or five, one month dial-up telephone charges are nearly 300 thousand won, equal to 2000 yuan now. At that time, my parents were at work, I can’t get through to my house. I have no control, no broken (network).

in Korea, the pressure of study is greater than China, but fortunately, my parents gave me a lot of space.

my father is a company, traditional trade. He was 50 after the Korean War in 70s and 80s, the economy grew very fast, my father’s view is that what can be done to make money. So, he felt that his career success is not because he is very strong, but good luck. In 90s, when he felt that he could not keep up, he would admit. He told me that he had to learn to look for opportunities and find a way to live.

I started my junior high school. My father lent me money and asked me to write a business plan. The two or three day, I wrote more than and 40 pages. At that time, 14 years old to open the company, the docking are all the customers of the age of thirty or forty, every day to sign a contract, very fun.

company opened 3 years, the timing is very good, ADSL (I horse note: a method of data transmission) just in Korea popularity site in great demand, we do this. Several partners are in a different city, customers in Seoul, every Saturday at 12:30 after the 1:30 flight to Seoul, then take the last weekend flights home, this life lasted two or three years. Three years later, the "partner" to the college entrance examination, coupled with the work has been repeated, in my sophomore year, we sold the company.

Korea is actually a very conservative country, a strong sense of confucianism. In general

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