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Haoyuedangkong night, dead calm. Lighting a cigarette silently sank into deep thought. Looking back a few days ago, small pan pan mentioned in the circle of friends WeChat entrepreneur boundaries, at this moment feel that they have been personally. As a grass root, if not to mention business, counter attack, even the chance is very slim straight line. From the first day as a personal webmaster, now WeChat venture, dreams were removed from the Internet for nearly eight years. When you are poor and have only dreams, and do everything you want to be close to your dreams, then, "Tao, wisdom, faith, benevolence, courage and strictness" become the motto of your own business in five words. In the face of the reality of the market, any dream or motto seems to be vulnerable, the inner demons are constantly trouble, and temptation to do something contrary to their conscience. Entrepreneurs can have their own dark side, but also have to have. Helpless and refuse to accept, I just don’t want to put on the mask, make sloppy own ass. But it is more difficult than ever, because I don’t get to see second days of sunshine.


those hanging exciting declaration banners, wonderful case is terrified one after another staged training site, you are so excited, secretly determined after going back to the use of a big WeChat. >

notice: Insenz community marketing alliance opportunities, to achieve the brand, traffic and revenue three harvest! The webmaster to join the marketing alliance, received marketing tasks, the system will prompt you for this project specific benefits available. At present in the 1 Forum on the release of Top Posts 1 weeks income in 100 yuan. The 1 section can be released 3 top posts, if your forum has 5 sections, one week income 1500 yuan, a month can earn 6000 yuan. Plus floating posts, ordinary post and community brand advertising benefits will be considerable! To achieve good effect in the marketing promotion activities will also receive an additional bonus webmaster!

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note: currently only a forum or community website, forum posting day in more than 150.

published: 2007 31 March 08

from a rise, various people rushed forward to seize the market to kill red eye, a gray industrial chain formed quickly. The interests of the deification of astronomical training, marketing software, chaos generation operations, faction disputes, held on the day of the business model, the enterprise has again become the meat on the chopping block, the micro-blog era shaves, WeChat era Zaigua time. Sometimes I see some small businesses, because of the difficult living environment, I have to look for ways of marketing and pay a lot of tuition for it. The same is in business, or the tree I was born in the Internet grassroots too idealistic, leading to their own can not understand why some people will depend on the advantages of their own, to hang some uninformed people "". Making money is justified, whether the two sides win, some people agree, some people do not agree. Perhaps the business can not be too naive, you have a full stomach to store enough food, or one day you will become a "hungry".

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business for three months, the site experienced by peers attack, training data are peer plagiarism, plan by the customer to cheat, more incomprehensible and even peer business quotation is too lazy to write, pretending to be customers looking for me. When the dawn comes, you don’t know what happened at night. The initial stage of the team is not easy, a few cock silk dwelling a house, hungry, boiled noodles, pour a little soy sauce, calculate a meal, wake up, open the notebook on the bed, began to study, work, sleepy, and then lie down to rest. Before doing a result not hype, but because the start and resource issues, not always with a sense of their own. In the face of the market turmoil, a stop, to be fair, shows that I am too young and naive, resulting in personal blog attacked, has not yet recovered.


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