Zhang Jindong two sessions why the proposal to support entrepreneurship innovation700 thousand years

obviously, entrepreneurial innovation is not only the need for government support, but also the need for leading enterprises in various industries to drive, after all, entrepreneurial innovation needs to be funded, resources, technology and many other aspects of protection. And most importantly, each big companies rely on innovative small businesses develop slowly, in the entrepreneurial innovation also has accumulated experience, large enterprises if these will be able to experience, resources and ability to output to more young entrepreneurs.

we have a standard ourselves, that is, this product must be: low starting point, quick results, market fire, and great room for development. Combine these four points to choose, salt science and technology writer found that the 3D printer is the most suitable for us to do.

first, we do our own open source master board. We have a platform on which we can develop a lot of things. Such as education robot, Internet of things project, 3D printer. Because the core control of these products is the main control panel.

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when we set up a company, we shoulder the responsibility to our employees. We must take into consideration the development interests of our company in every decision. In this section, we are mainly promoting the "guest culture", because we are an open source community, so we want more people to understand, and we are also selling products. After all, companies need money to survive. We were very happy when the salt science writers found big companies like Intel entering the field. When they enter, they indicate that we are in the right direction, and that they are also good for the promotion of the industry, so that more people can join in this area.


tell us how to start a business, where we are in business, and how to get back to life. Today, the salt technology writer talks about how college students make the choice of entrepreneurial products.

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especially in this proposal on innovation and entrepreneurship, Jindong is suggested, should further clarify the investment direction of different investment entities, encourage enterprises to innovative entrepreneurship as a mass the main body of investment, especially the industry leading enterprises, should make full use of enterprise resources, support entrepreneurial innovation, improve the efficiency of investment. So, how to understand Zhang Jindong this proposal? In support of entrepreneurial innovation, Suning in the end to do what work? East may wish to read:


recently, the two sessions are being held, members of the Internet industry have submitted a large number of members of the National People’s livelihood proposal. And in which, for Fourteen consecutive years as a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong submitted five proposals, involving many aspects of rural electricity providers, cross-border electricity, electronic invoices, innovation and entrepreneurship, youth football etc..

, the main control board made of the company, the 3D printer is not technically difficult; second, 3D and printer hardware products, quick return of funds, which is in line with the characteristics of quick; third, the current 3D printer at home and abroad, the fire was in a complete mess; fourth, the market basically coincide market and main board 3D printer, which indicated that the main control board of customer resources, the promotion of means and channels can direct transition to the 3D printer, so in the promotion we don’t need to do:

Zhang Jindong mentioned in the proposal: "we should further clarify the direction of investment of different investors, and encourage enterprises to be the main investors in public innovation and entrepreneurship."". In fact, now more and more enterprises are becoming the main body of investment, especially in the Internet industry, a large number of start-up companies investment from Tencent, Alibaba and sh419 and other Internet giants, rather than risk investment institutions. Large enterprises have become the main investment benefit is not only to provide funds for startups pure equity, more can also be among the resources, technology and channels open to start-up companies, which can help company a full range of growth.

before selecting a product, salt technology writer combines with their own situation to choose, finally in the smart box, with a guest culture and open source technology in the outbreak of a new company named Fang ink. Ink Fang is also a team member of our company, and is now working as an 3D printer.

For the first

first, entrepreneurial innovation is the national strategy, and supporting innovation is the historical mission and social responsibility of large enterprises.

mastered the platform, you can do a lot of products. The important thing is to find out what is best for you. Screening found that the Internet of things project is not suitable for us, its market is not enough fire, and we are such a team simply can not pull it. Because of the experience of failure, the educational robot is not suitable for us at the moment.

since 2015, the country has already mentioned the innovation of entrepreneurship as a very important position. Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council has personally visited and investigated the development of start-up companies and incubators in Zhongguancun. But the big trend in the real economy growth is slowing down, only the new Internet economy is still growing steadily, Internet plus and entrepreneurial innovation has become a national strategy, taking a new engine driving the economy to continue its rapid growth. As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong said the proposal of industry leading enterprises should make full use of enterprise resources to support entrepreneurship and innovation, is a corporate social responsibility performance.

Data quest Inc told us that our brand has lined up at home third, we think: in the field of main control board we have mastered, then how the main control board in this platform to derive some new products to allow the company to continue to profit. Among the many products, we chose the 3D printer.

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