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in the media discourse, "black music" seems to be politically correct, but we do not want to the "political correctness" to the evaluation of a company is not, just want to through the data analysis of some of the reasons behind the image.

ranking is stable, but the trend is not optimistic,

, for example, in September 2013, LETV in cash plus equity acquisition flowers film making "the latter" Mi months pass at the end of 2015, a fire, and music by virtue of "Mi month biography" the Internet broadcast rights alone, the Music Video Activity climbed see: report Nora LETV, want to rely on the "Mi month biography" counter attack into the video boss >

August 20th MEITONG Alliance

this idea is good, but unfortunately, as music is only focused on expanding the territory, the pace of radical radical, but ignored the support of the most basic elements of Ecology – products. No quiet down to do products, but abuse of "ecological" concept of blind expansion, which is the music as the industry has been criticized everywhere.

distinguished League members, hello everyone!

distance LETV announced LETV Jia Yueting resigned as general manager position has been in the past half a month, half a month, LETV did not calm.

"anti ecological" depending on the context, namely the "content + terminal + application through 7 is not related to vertical business, then let all the business through the integration of vertical interaction" chemical reaction ", and ultimately the formation of ecological circle music as a unique"".

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music group have burst of music as the VR team disbanded, LETV mobile phone supplier door bizhai negative, previously LETV, music as sports, music, music as holding the United States branch and many other music department of the company, as well as LETV shares cool, easy to have been broke big layoffs. Fortunately, as the music sports in May 26th to get the B+ round of financing, after a new round of financing, as the music sports valuation of more than 24 billion, which is regarded as a vortex of public opinion music as a good news.

music video is the whole music as the Department started the business, is one of the music listed business, but also music as the core business. As music in the video business has a huge investment, music, video, often spend money to occupy the Internet TV broadcast rights alone, but also benefit from it.

Hello everyone! Advertisers together to see network contract expires in August 20, 2007 Monday, decided to suspend the promotion, by the end of the day before the cost of clearing up, please switch to other products!
in addition, I put on the code of advertising alliance JS members such as not to replace the ad code, I will put all the alliance through the background of web advertising network advertising pie together watching the switch to my alliance, we will provide you the product automatically opened on permissions, you can see our platform next to the profits of the products the day before.

in Jia Yueting ‘s time, this article will organize data from the point of view, see the music as its music video, music and sports, the car is easy to app all areas holding, as observed from the side of the "ecological" results.

"ecology" is music as a proud concept, every time there is music as the occasion, almost all will appear "ecological reverse" word.



Music Video: core business is not enough attention, missed the opportunity to force

music as ecological map

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