Animal riding all chips end, pushing new flagship serviceShare a few new Wangzhuan planning advice.

If this

Internet plus riding to create the most sense of science and technology brand – Beast landing China riding bike, and held a strategic conference during the exhibition.


grabbed the Internet and started branding

is a relatively mature Wangzhuan form, when everyone in a project to do better, can be like the brand direction, on the one hand we have the brand promotion, on the other hand.

builds skills in small projects and seeks to develop network

China international bike riding beast to bring a new product, according to the countdown poster on the drying out of the micro-blog riding beast beast: on the ride is likely to launch the "Three Guarantees" service package the "warranty" + "maintenance" and "insurance", China is a big country bike, but traditional bicycle the industry has been a problem is the consumer to buy a car, no maintenance, no warranty, in recent years, the service industry gradually began riding, more cars began to shop for consumers and riding friends to provide services, but there are still uneven quality of service, service charges opaque, riding beast in the congregation raised just after it launched a strong industry innovation the service mode, really make people feel the beast on the user’s sincerity.

is a project to make money is limited, and the like that line Feng Gong said, now the play is a comprehensive strength, after all, the customer demand is not single, when he asked whether you do LOGO, he also need advertisements and promotional planning services for the development. This problem is the novice Wangzhuan needs to pay attention in the second stage of the Wangzhuan present, not just in the service field, writing appropriate to do some writing press releases and event planning scheme can become the choice of young people, thus not only enrich their product range, as far as possible to retain resources, also the customers think we are more professional, of course this is just to the point, we can make a reasonable judgment according to their own industry.


any contact Wangzhuan friends don’t abandon those small orders, although the amount is limited, but the same is not high, not only can do some appropriate to consolidate their skills, but also enhance the confidence in their field, can be said to be two stone carving. But the novice friends only look to see in this apparently not, in the early Wangzhuan process, there is an important goal of small project is to set up their own customer network, through small task orders, gradually exposed to some big demand or long-term cooperation customers, like my niece, although a LOGO100 do but in her customers are also willing to spend 1000 dollars to do LOGO customers, priority among priorities and this part of the resources we screened out is the future development.

riding beast is a focus to create a top smart sports bike technology company, in March 10th 751 in Beijing has just released three strategic new products: SpeedX carbon fiber bicycle MUSTANG, LEOPARD intelligent motion and its professional version of "LEOPARD PRO", priced at 3999 yuan, 7999 yuan and 14999 yuan. And on the same day, Jingdong raised all the chips. As of May 4th, wild riding Jingdong all chips end, the cumulative raise 15 million yuan; synchronous overseas overseas chips in KickStarter overseas chips also received more than 2 million 300 thousand U.S. dollars. This achievement is ranked first in both domestic and overseas riding events.

his niece is a university in the reading of the Book Design Bachelor, usually love to do things like LOGO tags, the effect is good, the pig also earn a lot of money, and a few students recently opened a so-called studio, seems to make a lot of money. In fact, this is also good, some children do poineering work together with the drum is beaten, than when crush vitae, look at the other people more active. But then I asked them what they thought about the future, but they were very optimistic. I think I’m doing well now. I can earn a part-time job with LOGO, which is much better than handing out leaflets. It is said, but always Wangzhuan is to have planning, after all, a few young people together, set up a studio. If only in guerrilla warfare, in the Witkey site to accept the task, this approach will certainly not work, the following easy constant to tell everyone about their plan to give the novice a few ideas.

as a recognized bicycle kingdom, China’s cycling population is growing rapidly. According to the "China sports bicycle industry survey report", the domestic bicycle sport especially mass cycling sport in recent years, showing a trend of rapid development, the current domestic bicycle Sporting Club Hotel has more than 1 million, related stores have more than 10 thousand, the number of participating in bicycle sports for more than 20 million. How to integrate resources, promote cycling sports and product market scale, standardization, from the overall strategic point of view, wild animals hope in the future

now owns the beast beast riding riding app, Speedforce integrated timers and SpeedX intelligent exercise bike. It is reported that the beast riding since October 2014 began to build its own smart bike brand SpeedX. And in February 2015, July 2015 and March 2016 to get it real fund Xu Xiaoping millions of dollars in angel investment, innovation works, Li Kaifu 50 million yuan A round of investment and the new round of investment fund 30 million Jinding A+, intelligent hardware has become one of the fastest growing enterprises China.

has been expanding services on the basis of existing support


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