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, the launch of the new platform for eBay, means that the brand level has completed the return from "eBay eBay" to "eBay". According to Wang Leilei introduced a new platform for on-line beta, the existing eBay eBay platform will have 90 days for completion at the end of September, is expected to be fully closed. At this point, eBay and eBay officially split up in China, will operate independently.

from eBay and misdiagnosis of "western medicine", finally return to the "Chinese medicine" asked. In August 30th, Wang Leilei, who was also TOM online and eBay CEO, said, "long time no see", announced the completion of the re run of eBay, embarked on a new journey home.

a lot of friends very easily in the process of God. Do Wangzhuan project specific performance such as I want to do a project today, but I got a , and then idle dabblers, imperceptibly, a day so wasted. And then I was feeling that I didn’t finish anything today, or that I set my goals today, and then I thought it was a long time. Let’s watch the movie and do it again. Then the time so imperceptibly pass. This is a lot of problems do Wangzhuan friends, must be changed! Therefore, the first step to exercise executive power, loneliness, withstand the temptation, remember every day to complete the goal, not for other things distracted! < / p>

two. Exercise execution, have a schedule,

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three. Write an article every day.

Wang Leilei used the "Phoenix Nirvana, ashes" to describe the "new ebay". "This is by no means a simple return to old eBay, but it’s a new milestone for eBay people on a higher starting point," he stressed." Late last year, TOM announced that it would complete its user data migration in 5 and June this year after the joint venture between eBay platform and eBay was launched. Wang Leilei said that the international background and localization advantages will become the core strategy of ebay. To attend the conference, eBay China CEO Liao Guangyu said, e – Bay in the international level will continue to provide more support for new eBay platform. At the same time, eBay will continue to promote cross-border transactions in China, and help Chinese SMEs and individual users to sell on the eBay global platform.

said that after TOM took over eBay online, he tried different TV shopping, wireless platforms, magazines and other traditional marketing methods, many of which ended in failure. By contrast, cell phone channels are a good channel. Reporters learned that, for the seller’s mobile phone authentication, eBay will be different from other online trading platform features.

on September

. Loneliness, withstand the temptation of

it is understood that… At present, in addition to the real name authentication of the bank, eBay has also set up a method of mobile phone authentication – the seller as long as the individual name and mobile phone number is entered, it will be immediately sent to the mobile phone verification code certification. The move was seen by the industry as a direct migration of SP experience and patterns in the process of TOM’s online move into e-commerce. commissioning editor admin01

execution, execution, execution…… In the higher, three words most often heard is "execution", the execution is to do Wangzhuan us how important. You have to do this project must be carried out, a lot of people know that it is true, after all is said and done, has become a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. The importance of this will not waste too much ink to promote execution. Direct access to the theme of today let ambition to teach you how to truly exercise and improve their execution! Of course, this is just my way of thinking, the hope can help to those of the executive power is also very confused novice friends. Veteran across.

actually speaking, execution is a process of persistence. No one can casually succeed. Every successful person must learn to persevere. Therefore, to insist on being specific, that is, every day to write an article. When it comes to writing, many people may have a headache, and some people will blame their own belly ink is not much, not to knock out a few words. It’s really not difficult to write an article, but the difficulty is whether you have the heart to go

eBay eBay closed

I think this step is very important for the exercise of executive power. First of all, we must aim at one month as a target unit. Write down what you need to do each month and what you want to achieve. Don’t underestimate this step, even if you know you’re going to do it, but you didn’t write it down, which proves you still don’t know. Think and do are two different things, and this is my personal experience, think only in the mind to form a vague concept, and we want to put this concept into reality, so we must write down the target with a pen. After we have planned the whole month’s goals with a pen, the next step is to subdivide that goal. That is, divide this month’s goals into four weeks, then subdivide each week’s goals, and list the things you need to do every day. From each month — every week — every day, every step you need, write it down with a pen. If you want to exercise strong execution, that’s what you have to do,

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