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April 21, 2016, the first domestic classification information shares held in Beijing net three new board listed bell ceremony. It is reported that the people network in March 14th this year formally listed on the new three board, the stock code is 836012. Today, people network chairman & CEO Wang Jianshuo, President Luo Ying, chief financial officer and Secretary of the board of directors Gao Yifeng, Yang Jun and old staff representatives attended the opening bell ceremony, witnessed the net this important milepost moment.

, the new three board listing, is undoubtedly for the people network long-term adherence to the affirmation of public service, network of people in the category of information status recognition. Analysts believe that, based on the classification of information market huge market prospects, the rapid growth of revenue, as well as further force in the field of life services, the future development of people’s networks worth looking forward to.

people network was founded in March 1, 2005, is the earliest classified information website. In the past ten years, people’s network has been committed to connecting the needs of hundreds of millions of ordinary people, and has become a service platform for domestic users to provide localized life information. As of March 2016, the number of active users net million people, more than 50 million new monthly information, covering 367 cities nationwide. Among them, the flow from the mobile has exceeded 80% of the total flow.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

days ago, people network officially announced the listing of the first annual report, 2015 operating income of 146 million yuan, an increase of 62.85%. In addition, the people’s network still maintained a high margin of interest, reaching 92.70%. Some analysts pointed out that, faster revenue growth and high gross profit margins, making people in 2016 net annual profit probability increases, these companies for the future to enter the new three board of innovation layer laid a good foundation. In the future, the people’s network will continue to classified information website operations as the main industry, increasing the quality of information, talent, technology and other resources into.

to the Internet search, website promotion research materials are many, many of them are effective promotion method. In fact, although electronic commerce construction and enterprise website promotion methods are more, but these promotion methods are always the exception.

here, after a previous learning experience and their gradual exploration experiment, summed up the five key steps of e-commerce website promotion can not know, for your reference, as follows.

Analysis of

Analysis of

Analysis of

Analysis of the competitive

Analysis of

two, site diagnosis

page diagnosis: page code is concise, the page is clear, page size is appropriate, whether the appropriate page color;

file with the file name diagnosis: file format, file name etc.;


Analysis of


Analysis of


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