Some experiences and lessons of the post-80s generation in the process of work and EntrepreneurshipM

‘s first job,

Tao is Ali mother and taobao together out of practice, the objective is to understand these.

first job is only one of the most fatal problem that don’t want to stay in the company, colleagues and leaders are very good, but my direct supervisor for me to have been various, but as just entering the workplace for me, not what the experience to deal with such a problem. Then I went to Shanghai and got second jobs. The second job environment and colleagues were more responsible than my first job. This is a joint venture, a good project manager level above several hundred people, are foreigners, below the middle management or Chinese, before the Chinese company is a state-owned enterprises, so the state-owned company that atmosphere is very heavy, this company is especially suitable for baby girls in, so the female colleagues around all children go.

network part-time, often in the form of typing, posting or information, through the Witkey to complete the task of others. Among them, Witkey is the most popular. There are many types of recruitment information on the Internet, but 90% of these recruitment information is untrue, so you must pay attention when you apply for it. Do the part-time are generally daily pay, but the condition is to complete the task within a day, and not to make mistakes, such as a day to play 1 words, 100 yuan for typing fast people may be 2 hours is enough, but for ordinary people may be for half a day. If there is any mistake in the middle, you should deduct the salary and be more powerful. So typing isn’t that easy. If possible, before the generation of post it is very easy to perform, but in advertising today is not easy to do, most of the forum posts as advertising for deleted, so to send someone a specified condition post is not easy. Needless to say, most of the tasks require professional skills, and it is not easy.

roughly look at the above several ways to do, in fact, are not simple, we will briefly analyze the following.

2, has its own website, advertising business, sh419 and shlf1314 as well as other alliances advertising.

4, tao.

currently makes money in the following ways:

3, as a writer.


has never thought of their own business, because they prefer to do research and technology to do this one. But the reality makes me find that there is little room for development. So, combined with my own work experience and personality, I chose to start trying to learn how to make a website, because this can be used in my previous work to learn some technical knowledge, especially Linux this piece. In this process, almost cheated, someone can add my that taught me to make English web site to make money, but to pay the tuition fee of 10 thousand, but also the distance education on , the beginning also said that I have a bit of English, and understand technology, can learn fast, and he is not willing to accept. The first half of 3, up to teach. Later found that he received dozens of people to open training courses. So now I hate people who work online, because they teach things that are easy to find on the Internet

2, do online advertising.

bottleneck in the workplace

PubMed fail to let me find a job very hastily, is added to the field of the University, when back to Hangzhou when looking for a job, and a stranger to Hangzhou looking for work is not what big difference. Fortunately, my positive attitude moved HR. I remember her name was Karen. She was a very active HR and practiced English listening and speaking in her spare time. Just a few months of work, the knowledge of learning more than the whole semester, and just work that kind of momentum, I think a lot of people should be empathy.

is a small, in some technology companies to work on education at a disadvantage, such as the first job, graduate salary is 4-6 times of the undergraduate students, but at that time the company inside there are many returnees; second jobs in education while the salary is not great, but the development space is limited, all team leader is the master or PhD

second jobs,

, if your literary talent is good, you might as well do it. If you do well, it’s definitely better than work. The only difficult thing is to keep your stomach in stock all the time.

1, do part-time work on the Internet, such as typing, posting and so on. The most popular is the current witkey.

for the network to make money, compared to everyone is not strange. Since there is a web page on the network, there is a network to make money, at that time, a web page can sell a very high price, a web site is on the million, because at that time will do very little. After the website more and more people, the website also became more and more cheap, so the network makes money, still want to open up new way.

1, do part-time online.

to do online advertising is the premise that there must be good websites, to do a good site is already very difficult. The website is ready, advertising is just like doing business, it’s hard.

4, Tao, another form of Wangzhuan launched by Ali mother.

3, a blogger, some bloggers earn more per month than we do in a year.

preparation before entrepreneurship

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