My experience in the station for the novice webmaster suggestions

I am a rural after 90 webmaster, several websites have been closed for a variety of reasons, mainly due to academic and economic problems. Maybe we are not in the field after 90, but I believe we will become the mainstream of this field soon. All right, cut the crap. I’ll share my experience with you.

1, first select the domain name

domain name is easy to remember, suffix in domestic heat COMCNNETCOM.CNORG…. Choose the Registrar can not be sloppy, had better not choose very famous agent, they can not guarantee how long, I will be closed at any time, because it was cheap for a small agency registration, but third years they actually delete my data do not give me the opportunity to renew… So if you want to do the domain name must not be careless, if you think the registered company official is very expensive, so you have to at least 1 good reputation at home full license IDC, here I think you can go to CHINAZ’s IDC123 to see. .

2, space problem,

free host can only do the test, can not be used in the official station, space velocity and configuration is also important, if the configuration is too poor to access a large amount of space can not afford, choose IDC business can not be sloppy, it is best not to take the small agency, although their prices are very favorable, but can not guarantee stability, and their the parameters correctly, choose the space business to choose a higher reputation, but also choose good configuration, CHINAZ’s CNIDC and idc123 to look at the proposal.

3, positioning direction, making website

this depends on your hobbies, expertise, economic strength and other factors, and then you can start making it. If you know a lot of technical expertise that can not see, for no good technical friend, not recommended to source website just download the source code, because there is no guarantee that the author’s character, they are placed in the malicious code or the back door, preferably with high popularity of the professional companies such as CMS. can be easily integrated station: use the PHPCMSDEDECMS Empire etc.. Do video, you can use Marx CMSCCVMS, do personal BLOG, you can use WORDPRESSZBLOGPJLOG and so on, do forums, with DISCUZPHPWINDDVBBSBBSMAX and so on….

4, content

best original, and there is a good SEO, add appropriate keywords, try to use static pages, if not, also the best pseudo static

5, publicity website

can mainly buy advertising, exchange links, Submit search engines, send flyers, forums, post bars, blogs, or soft text. Wait

6, operating website

because there are too many specific patterns, I don’t introduce them one by one. What’s left is the intention

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