A media landing three new board into big data new media stocks

May 23rd, the well-known mobile Internet big data of new media operators Guangzhou AI media consulting number poly Limited by Share Ltd officially landed three new board listed transactions (Stock Code: 837342, referred to as: AI media, the number of poly) become the China Mobile Internet industry "big data of new media first unit.

public information, the number of poly AI media integration in the main data mining and marketing positioning in the "big data, new media operators", focused on the mobile Internet industry, provide data mining analysis, integrated marketing communication, third party data monitoring, flow channel management and other new media services for enterprises. Clients include Chinese Unicom, China Telecom, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Qihoo 360 and other series of famous enterprises and many other mobile Internet black innovative business. Years of hard work, the number of AI media formed a big data + research and analysis + new media features a stable triangular architecture, access to the mobile Internet industry highly recognized and recognized.

triangle root: big data mining capabilities

The number of poly

AI media owns third party application statistical monitoring data analysis system "North Star", to help developers, product operation and promotion strategy by using the data of decision-making, improve product design perspective, the operation targets, improve marketing efficiency; public data show that the North Star has been serving tens of thousands of APP, covering the terminal equipment over 500 million, and China Unicom signed a cooperation agreement with a large depth data mining Chinese. Advertisement monitoring system "ADiimedia", mobile advertising and marketing data monitoring system provides Chinese first by an independent third party, the first time a comprehensive perspective to help advertisers put advertising, to provide effective decision-making support for marketing. Mobile phone users research community strawberry pie to support the research and development of the Internet industry in China Mobile, the annual survey supports more than 1000 times. Strong data systems and the ability to tap into the media based on the number of media industry roots".


" of the

triangle: industry research and analysis ability

on the basis of large data, the number of media research and analysis of the ability to gather widely recognized by the industry, is to win the market". AI media number of its brand media consulting (iiMedia Research) is the world’s leading mobile Internet industry data mining analysis agencies, leading the industry trend of wind direction. It is understood that the AI media consulting annual public or custom report released cutting-edge mobile Internet industry chain and the analysis results of more than 500 copies; a single report including AI media consulting official website, users subscribe to WeChat and other media channels, audience super millions, mainly for investors, media people, entrepreneurs and other high-end crowd, far more than the current market most of the major newspapers.

triangle top: new media marketing liquidity

is based on "root" and "Ben", at the top of the triangle is the main means of realization of the number of AI Media Convergence: new media services. This year, the field of big data and new media has aroused widespread concern and follow

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