Domain name system again attention, standardized service imminent

in December 25th 2011 the national industry and information technology conference held in Beijing, the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Li Yizhong pointed out that 2011 will increase efforts to strengthen the management of the Internet industry, code number, domain name, IP address, website access and access management. Gradually improve the website real name system, and promote the domain name registration, real name system.

can predict the regulatory system, a lot of service providers will face a great challenge, for the record, access, some small and medium-sized enterprises will suffer a double whammy of insufficient funds and domain name system, after some irregularities, the service is not in place of enterprises will also be hit, further reshuffle of the industry will make IDC the industry has become more professional.

for the domain name registration services, no matter how the supervision measures should be strengthened in the domain name system with the corresponding measures, and to ensure and supervise the customer registration of domain name information is true, complete and effective, the linkage of the world domain experts believe: domain name registration information has not been previously the domain owner attention, at present after various name events taught, although many domain name owner domain awareness has been strengthened, but the degree of attention still needs to be improved.

There is no real risk of

domain name information is a big, big companies like Baidu in the minds of Internet users has been regarded as a very strong awareness of network security domain giants, but have suffered damage domain hijacking, visible, important, true and effective information for this domain, the linkage of the world that the service providers the domain name registration to strengthen the following work to review the information and domain name, domain name service specification.

first, standardize the registration process, strengthen the website program adjustments, some obvious error in the domain name information, automatic recognition, prompt in time, submit orders, fill in the registration prompt valid, complete domain information, such as incomplete will not be effective.

secondly, check the domain name periodically and check the new domain name every day. Some have been registered, but the domain name information is incomplete and incorrect. Delete the domain name immediately.

finally, specification of domain name information change operation: for some to change the domain name information, you need to check the original owner of the domain name of the documents, and require the user to the domain name management password modify form.

domain name is wealth and assets, so do the domain name system work, also need to cooperate with the Registrar, according to certain requirements and specifications to fill out the real information in the domain name registration, but also to choose a regular domain name service provider, so as to better avoid the losses caused by the domain name, the linkage of the world is CNNIC four star domain name service provider, com/net/org 48 yuan.

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