Website design analysis according to the user’s inherent habits to design


The development of

‘s inherent operating habits comes from every aspect, the most notable of which is the training of users from the most conventional controls. In the design process, if you take a look at the usage of these regular controls, usability can be helpful. Think of a friend before the optimization of the selector when a case, you can share with you:

original version


This is the use of 1

users, click "select friends", found in the drop-down menu has expanded list of friends; 2, in the list of friends need to check (if there is a need to do the appropriate inverse operation); 3, the real experience, you will find the third step, suddenly at a loss the. I don’t know how it works.

if you think about it, you’ll find

1, the next operation (gift giving, sharing)…… ) has been blocked by the drop down layer;

2, you need to wrap up the layers, but how do you put them together?

3, if it is stopped, will my selection operation be saved?.

think, users need to charge their brains in this place, the fundamental reason is that in the design process of the two habits of the user controls (drop-down menu, dialog box) to do the integration, but the integration is not perfect, so that users can not complete the task with the inherent habits.

problem analysis

1, first of all,


before users click on "choose friends" and pick friends, the design of this place conveys the feeling that the user is working on a droplist (drop-down menu). However, the user’s drop-down menu is radio, and when you select one, the menu is automatically retracted.

2, and then


users are beginning to focus on the drop ups to select friends. Since the check drop-down menu does not stop, the user automatically applies this layer to the use of dialog box controls. The dialog box’s usage must be that the user needs to trigger the action to close the dialog box after the operation is complete. And our design does not provide such operations, so users will begin to generate confusion.

solving directions:

1, try to weaken the droplist type;

2, increasing the operation of removing floating layers in the horizon.

final solution,


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