Using forums to promote how to guide users to actively participate


evaluation of a forum is the key to user participation and activity, network promotion forum platform selection is very important, more people respond to a post, the repercussions of the greater our promotion effect was more likely to. So, what are some of the ways that users can be more active in the interaction of Posts? In order to guide users to participate actively, we need to do a lot of work.

from the point of view of topic selection,

using star hype approach, we can appropriately apply to the promotion of the forum, the modern people are flooded with a lot of information all the time, others what to pay attention to your post?. One is that the topic is sharp enough, and the other is something that concerns its own interests. Topic sharp, but also related to the interests of users, of course, we will respond. In fact, these two points are not completely isolated, and the integration can achieve better results. The main thing is to be independent and innovative, such as the accident of the previous train car, you use a kind of unfamiliar angles and positions to observe, you will get a lot of response. Gimmicks are not ends, the purpose is to achieve promotion. If you want to promote the main panel, you can lead in the middle of foreign and domestic host, and even domestic IDC market big discussion, after all, in the forum need to avoid the topic is not much.

from the point of view of their own popularity,

From the perspective of

promotion, determination long were removed from the forum should not only become a link, a little publicity, to use all methods to enhance their visibility and popularity, with visibility, people will naturally pay more attention to you, the more users to participate in. The industry has a well-known webmaster is removed from a large number of long-term forum, let everyone know this man, he is at least proved to us that the method is successful. Through the accumulation of time and extensive exposure, insiders do not know you are difficult. Another is to have their own style, personality of talent will be more easily remembered, mediocrity, no characteristics of the people, it is difficult to accumulate popularity. Circle of well-known forums similar soft Wen, said small selection activities, but also as much as possible to participate in,

from the point of view of the forum activity,

forum activities, a much favored by all parties, but also the classic way to promote the forum. But forum activities often require a certain resource platform, and the biggest difficulty is that it is difficult to have a very new and exciting program of activities. Some popularity is not very high and often have some forum rob floor send tickets activities such as bloggers also participated in, from their own experience, such activities often do not make people aroused strong concern of the forum itself, promotion effect often can not support costs, but once the campaign is over, not much longer go to visit the forum. So it is not the forum activities, but also according to their own circumstances, the key is to have promotional effects, but also to attract users of the forum itself viscosity.

from the perspective of humanistic care


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