What benefit can SEO bring to the enterprise How should the enterprise SEO do well

SEO this "little things", with its own advantages (free, cost-effective, effective results) to win more and more corporate identity. Business owners who want to SEO to achieve through their way of the e-commerce, but because of the lack of the necessary understanding for some SEO, in the practical application of the process there have been many deviations, today is about Sisong Hu SEO can produce what benefits for enterprise and business owners for the wrong cognitive SEO and enterprise how to do SEO.

What benefits can

SEO generate for its business:


1. Improving the brand awareness of enterprises in the Internet

two, to increase the exposure of products or services

three brings prospective customers

four, to help enterprises improve the conversion maximization

business owners’ misperceptions about SEO:

based on the above points, is indeed a lot of enterprises have acknowledged the value of SEO, but most of the enterprises but there is still a lack of understanding in SEO, many enterprises in the actual application to SEO "changed", so it is necessary to explain what is SEO:

SEO= search engine optimization; search engine optimization is a part of search engine marketing (SEM), search engine marketing is part of network marketing. From the above we can see, in fact, SEO is just one of the network marketing means, methods, tools, many business owners are SEO as "results"; see SEO as a panacea. It is a mistake to think that SEO can receive orders from the Internet as long as we do a good job.

mentioned earlier that SEO is only a method and a means, it is not almighty, nor is it god". Regardless of SEOer level of staff to achieve what degree, and the related positions, some work or have someone to do, such as technical personnel, website construction of web design and some other social media promotion personnel and so on, and in the majority of domestic enterprises to these all the work assigned to SEO to this position that is to say, in the eyes of the enterprise SEO staff is omnipotent. This is also the place where business owners are not in the least understanding of SEO.

some business owners always think that when I hire SEO people every month, he should take all the relevant work related to the Internet and the website, and then bring me orders from the internet. Once they did not meet this requirement, they began to suspect SEO, suspected SEO staff did not seriously do, and more will speak loudly abuse. The boss for this wrong cognition, SEO practitioners are embittered, did not receive orders it is SEO personnel problem? SEO is just a means of promotion, is just a process, to achieve a certain effect, to get the book > on the network

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