How to avoid online CF harm your user community

(originally from The, Next, Web, tiger sniffing translation)

online platforms and offline communities operate in a similar way. The breeding of irregularities and vandalism can lead to mass abandonment. The same holds true for online communities and markets, especially in the process of community growth.

because of the existence of the network effect, the scale of online community has become more and more valuable. However, if the system fails to manage user behavior, the proliferation of disruptive behavior can make the network effect play the opposite role. Once this happens, a rapid development of the users in the network will begin large-scale loss of users (such as ChatRoulette, is) online discussion atmosphere will become ridiculous (such as YouTube, the online reviews) decision may even unpleasant results will lead to the line (such as the Airbnb owner looted).

won a lot of attention, is the rapid growth of start-up companies will face the failure situation, especially in the design of a control system to avoid violations, supervision and correction of this behavior under the condition of sprayer.

understands the behavior of user driven (user-initiated)

each online user driven behavior designs two objects:

producer (The Producer): part of the user produces content or information on the platform, based on this, resulting in interaction and communication with other users. The author on the writing platform and the seller on the website of the electricity supplier are all producers in their respective systems.

seed (The Seed): refers to the basic unit of content or message, produced by the producer. On video sites, the production of video. On short rental sites, it means products on the list. In short, it is the basic unit of production and consumption on this platform.

avoid spray and irregularities in the system of measures can be applied on the producer side, can also be applied in the seeds of a party, we will see in the following example.

framework to avoid violations of the system design

borrows an analogy from the medical profession (for a community where destruction is like a disease in an organization’s organs). An online platform for designing systems can be made in three ways:

prevention of

is most likely to cut off the source. Here are two ways:

1 producer: the online platform is selected before the producer is allowed to use the system. Some sites have employees who specialize in which users can access their systems. There are writing communities that strictly restrict authorship, but open reading rights to readers. The problem with this approach is that it loses a certain amount of attraction when it says "no" to some people. < >

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