Webmaster friends landing brothers, why flesh and blood pro

at noon to go to the school cafeteria, walking in the campus with the mall, see some of the students are full of youthful spirit put on his coat, just know the autumn has come, 08 years of summer has gone away from us, and the webmaster friends impetuous mentality doesn’t seem to have cooled down, perhaps is the webmaster have forgotten spring and autumn and winter, eyes only IP, PV, master PR……

a pack of cigarettes, two bowls of Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables three was in front of a computer, lonely and busy, this is the webmaster; ten owners, nine grassroots, eight live in the ideal and the reality of the edge; webmaster love the lack of weather, no rain or snow is Yin; the income of stationmaster no starting point, not the K button or less the poor; the needs of users without boundaries, our pursuit would not end point; the mouse click, we value……

In the first phase of the novice stationmaster net

training group, someone asked the teacher what is a group of stationmaster of hadron, what kind of person? The teacher said "hard hadron pay a lot, but not necessarily have the rich fruit, this is the webmaster". Indeed, in the Admin5 is hosting the creative AD unlimited station, AD also crazy activities, a named "happy station" webmaster friends, with humor video interpretation of what is the webmaster.

MM:, I heard that you did a website,


stationmaster: Hey hey, yes, done a lot of. (whispering: all they do is garbage stations)

MM: is very easy to do web site,


stationmaster: Hey hey, more relaxed. (muttering to himself: "we are getting better than chickens, and eating worse than pigs; and doing more than donkeys and living more than dogs)"


MM: don’t be afraid of doing anything,


stationmaster: Hey hey, nothing to worry about. (my heart whispered: afraid of hackers to attack, to check the network server, be sued because of copyright issues)

MM: website, you can make money,


Webmaster: Hey, promising ah. (himself: it is difficult to apply for GG, Baidu advertising alliance advertising to receivables, low price, other Ali alliance alliance buckle weighing)


webmaster is easy to be misunderstood groups, the sweet and sour in this is only our own heart clear. Landing brothers, why the flesh and blood Pro?. In fact, each other more inclusive, more understanding, this afternoon, the novel free (www.mfxsk.com) nets webmaster F9F8 because of misunderstanding and knives in the QQ simple communication once, then F0F8 should eliminate misunderstanding, and misunderstanding in the knife, after the elimination is quite happy, but also before and after one or two minutes, he happy to do his station, and I’m happy to complete my work.

in fact, this misunderstanding often occurs, has happened before with netizens articles were deleted, stationmaster net is designed to give you.

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