Summary of experience simple analysis of the site construction steps

this article will summarize the basic flow of SEO’s actual operations in the shortest possible language. Specific questions are discussed in each chapter, and now the contents of each chapter are linked together.

, build website

you can start making web pages when you define the theme of your website.

1 for each page to determine the title: write the title as far as possible the use of short text, each page title should be different and reflect the actual content of the page.

2 title contains keywords: keyword frequency should be appropriate. Don’t stack keywords at the title.

3 appropriate use of tags, search engine technology is to simulate people’s habits of thinking. Key words and paragraphs should be specially identified.

4 to web page weight loss, improve web download speed.

two shakes hands with search engines for the first time

After the

website construction completes, submits your website directly to the search engine, speaks from the experience, regarding the Chinese website only then needs to mainstream three big search engines to submit. In the face of different foreign language websites, you also need to submit to a local mainstream search engine.

three outside the chain building

is difficult to find outside links as a new site, especially before it is included in the mainstream search engine. And to establish links with related sites, the implementation of more difficult. So, as SEO workers to open up a network, usually pay attention to the accumulation of. However, it can still be submitted to other similar sites, although the success rate is only about 10%.

1. before you submit a link, usually need your website, first do the links, and then write to show their intentions.

2 long lost the spider (log)

has the habit of regularly reading server logs. Observe the crawler’s crawling habits, record important web pages crawled, and calculate the frequency of crawling pages.

3 included, natural ranking

at this point, your site has been included in the search engine, SEO workers need to statistics the mainstream search engine each included amount, so as to compare at the same time every week. On the basis of statistical collection, analysis of those pages have not been included, as well as the reasons for being included.

four evaluate existing external chains and sites that have not been established outside the chain

sees whether websites that have established two-way links have been punished by search engines. Observe whether websites that have two-way links regularly update content. Observe whether links have been built on two-way links to buy and sell links. For these sites comprehensive scoring, the unqualified site is deleted link processing. At the same time, keep looking for sites that have high relevance to your website and link up with them.

The new

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