Also to say defeat WeChat will be what kind of product

today to see a "Deconstruction: WeChat beat WeChat will is a what kind of products", the authors write very detailed, for WeChat product function analysis is also good, also put forward the future direction of the innovation of the. However, is not deep into the essence of social content from? From the perspective of competition, it is not seen a key winning hand? The final outcome of a product, the product details is absolutely not so simple, is absolutely not a circle of friends the flow of information display, friends comment view permissions settings…


for the product innovation principles mentioned in the article, for the challenge of WeChat, there is no possibility. Here are 5 principles for analysis.

mentioned in the article, "the first point: to strangers social breakthrough."."

to strangers as a breakthrough social, undeniable, to do social networking is a good entry point, is a rare gap in the tycoon, there is an opportunity. But for strangers, socializing, historically, the challenge of being a WeChat class product, has not yet been born. Whether it is MySpace, snapchat, or China, unfamiliar street, micro-blog, explore it, it can achieve a market, the birth of a good company, or even a unicorn, but a few possible giant.

Facebook started out as a school acquaintance and began to expand into society, and in the end it was based on social acquaintances. But its product form is different, it is different from the once MySpace space social, nor is it twitter broadcast social, not MSN instant messaging.

mentioned second points: novelty, fun, extensive participation, continuous use,

this is hardly used as a social product innovation principle as a reference. "Fun" such as the year of happy net vegeteal swept the entire network, resulting in a lot of work directly blocked happy net, to prevent employees to work on happy net, the user’s extensive participation and the insanity of the unmatched. But many "novelty, fun" things do not have the possibility of "continuous use". It’s novel, playful and continuing to use. What kind of being is this, like God?. Million grade products often do not emphasize individuality, more emphasis on simple and easy to use, emphasizing versatility, easy to do new, funny social. It’s not about games, it’s about socializing.

"continuous use" of this "principle", basically all products, not simply the pursuit of social products, it is not a principle in itself, but the goal of all products.

mentioned in the article "third points: interactive way to find bright spots"

, for the sake of beating WeChat’s level of product innovation, it is only one tactical means to find the bright spot in the interactive way. Can not fundamentally solve the fight. For example >

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