Local WeChat public number, Qian Jing is good

visited several local WeChat public figures these days, and found that Qian Jing was actually good and learned a lot.

is the first value, the local database is better than the national team, because most of the companies or business ability, can only be radiated to the fixed region or industry, unless it is the world’s top five hundred enterprises, or even have a large database, also can not play much role.

local databases, because they are in the same area, people and people, whether physical or inner distance is relatively close, and have a common topic, can be used relatively large value, liquidity.

one of the public numbers I visited, the subscriber 3W+, reads 10W+ on a monthly basis at around 8W, and costs about 2W.

3W subscribers are not many, just make a number, work hard to promote, in the first half can generally achieve, but the activity and profit is not the average number of the public comparable.

The number of public

bottleneck should be content, there is no good content to maintain the subscriber activity soon is not popular, and now many of the contents of the public number, basically put all sorts of things together, piece repeatedthe old chicken soup riotous with colour, and the previous QQ space in the copy to come here, so to make popular it is difficult, because there is no good; do the public number or from the media, are not content is king, trees, not to lead the phoenix.

The contents of the public number

local source is relatively easy, have a common topic of common concern about the incident, but no sense of distance (= local side), insist on doing it, the activity is much better than the general public no..

profitability, "every day, XXX city, nearly 10W people reading" than "every day, nearly 50W people reading," a lot of attraction, a concentration, a decentralized, which valuable, self-evident.

realizable channel has two main, one is to do for the city’s products, and two is investment, it is best to combine the two, as long as the product does not conflict.

investment needs relatively strong ground business expansion capabilities, to take the initiative, subscribers and activity is bargaining chip, in short, can not wait for others to find the door.

local WeChat public number there is another advantage: landing on the Internet contacts, understand the real friends of all walks of life.

Where do

fans come from,


1, the city community forum; 2, city group; 3, please ground promotion, street 4, engage in activities.

what level is it,


city and district (county) relatively appropriate, the provincial level is too large, below the county level is too small.

last note: the combination of WeChat private number together, as far as possible to the public, subscribers are turning into private contact; public number is folded, open rate is not high enough, but if you add a private number of contacts, in my circle of friends also.

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