Valuation of 600 million Cambridge men’s order APP can become the next hungry

note: O2O become tuyere has some days. During the period, some companies grow to more than $1 billion "unicorn", such as taxi drops, the U.S. group, hungry and so on, but more is in the fight on the road, or have been trampled underfoot opponents. Who does the future belong to? We believe that those who have already ordered more than 10000, the world has just waved to them the strength of the rookie.


by University of Cambridge graduates Feng founded the leisurely first order is a low-key outbreak. This focus on Hangzhou start-up companies, the traditional restaurant "food" and "people" are directly connected, let people order ahead of time at home, or even the single payment. This order APP in the founder of tenth months, the number of daily trading orders has reached as high as 10 thousand, and recently received tens of millions of dollars from Tencent investment.

when all this happens only in Hangzhou, where orders are growing at a rate of 50 times, what do we think about their future?


| Wang Rui

tuition: 2 business failures 3 step into the food O2O pit

in Beijing Sanyuanqiao Phoenix exchange Pacific Coffee, you first order CEO Hou Feng off shoes, sat on the sofa and I horse about his entrepreneurial history — one that was for 6 years, two failed, out of numerous pit long journey. Different from the general speed and passion, overbearing emotions, head Hou Feng is always very calm and. Every word seems to be the result of thinking.

have different opinion, he will argue and pause, but the speed is constant, but hit the nail on the head. So you know, why not pay a deposit, why is the mid-range restaurant instead of fast food, why not dine out, all of these problems, each one he has in mind asked myself many times.

is a business, for human behavior change and ascension, if you can’t understand every human behind a simple action, that this venture was doomed to failure.

has failed a few times Hou Feng understands this truth.

, 21 years old, graduated from the University of Cambridge, the master of genius, after graduating from college, has worked in the VIA and NOKIA as a senior technical officer in 2009, started in. But until the age of thirty, he is still faced with their own money to support the team’s dilemma.

at the beginning of 2010, due to regulatory issues, Feng had to stop his second entrepreneurial projects, Shi Qiang medical network, after which he also made an online education program. At this time, Feng decided to do not like a medical regulation is not so strict, but also more frequent than the use of online education project. He chose O2O catering.

At that time, Wo Wo Group

handle, the U.S. group group purchase website "hundred regiments" in full swing, but Hou Feng think.

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