From computer illiterate to junior webmaster summary

I contact computers relatively late, 04 years of contact with the computer, it is the first semester of secondary school began to contact the computer. At that time, silly even boot, shutdown will not. The teacher taught us to turn on the monitor first and start the mainframe. (now think a little silly) remember the first teacher who was teaching the Internet to enter the site in the address bar, but I didn’t press enter. Ask the classmate next to you. He said a word: "this is not, what computer?"." The mood at that time… Hey… Can’t describe. For the first time I knew how stupid I was. Since then, I have built up my confidence that I must learn the computer well.

when I first contacted programming, the language I used was QBasec, or QB (Microsoft Corp), and at that time I couldn’t even write a temperature switch. Even add calculation will not do. Then asked the teacher: why is learning programming useful?. The teacher threw a sentence: "do you think it’s useless, you don’t have to learn?" I was very depressed. I don’t know the meaning of this sentence. Maybe she doesn’t know it’s useless.

QB studied for 1 and a half years and changed three teachers. You can learn graduation 1 times a month. Learn to cycle (visible quality secondary school teacher teaching.). When I met second teachers. The teacher was graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (more than 70 years old). ). He said he had access to China’s first computer. And using the machine language (bull), he felt great at that time. He later asked him questions about programming. He told me to learn assembly language (not even C at that time). I visited more than 1 months, the bookstore finally found a compilation language, at that time silly thought that the teacher will teach me. Who knows, he asked me to teach myself, ask him without understanding. Then I learned for 2 months, but I really couldn’t understand it. Then came third teachers. I asked him the same question: "why do you learn to program?"". He finally answered me, "you can play games, write viruses," and later asked, "he learned C, C++, VC., no wonder how cattle talk.". I’ve known C since then. It would be only a few months before graduation. I taught myself C. I learned to graduate. Also participated in the 2 level C language examination. As a result, the written examination was passed. Can not try the machine (refers to the pointer problem, when the pointer does not understand!). When the exam, see the next MM, out of books, in the crazy copy, crazy copy. So she was copying from (1+2+· · · 100). Why is she so simple?. Speechless.

finished the C language. Confused. I don’t know what to do. Fortunately, when I was on QQ, I met a man. He said to Beida Jade Bird training. I asked the price: there were 3 stages. Stage 1 more than 5000. Second stage more than 7000. The last stage is 1W. The total training time is 1 years and 6 months. With the support of my family, I went to training. Learned the first semester. Learned C, HTML, c#, SQL (basic). Second semester: >

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