Chinese SEO who is the most cattle Learn from examples.

China SEO who is the most cattle?

I am a novice website in the network, bustling about is 1, 2 years, recently in the relevant technical learning seo. The following is a rookie to write the SEO experience, not what course, nor what charges is not what ^_^ version, the station has been soft, because I do not have to go to ad, too cattle. This paper puts forward some problems, hope master, underhand exchange.

contact sites, although it is a rookie, give some advice: now the so-called master, quackish Luanchui, in the end will be what you pay for his technology, or to spend money to reach their technical support, but what effect, you should know it. Once a large bird to participate in a Pu’er tea, that SEO, I think that competition is very good, but also let me learn a lot, but later banned to Baidu.

why don’t you buy SEO books?.

first, all individual Adsense, making money is not easy. And many cheats now.

last time a friend was glad to have a SEO book that he paid for, and I bought the book. As a result, I saw free books online.

second, master all go to make big money, who do tutorials, experts are not money, you see Admin5 lectures of those masters, not a penny, those so-called master, a mouth is thousands of, tens of thousands of.

once a person told me that those who teach technology SEOER is a real master, where there is time to chat with you, try to make money. Ha ha, looks not false. If a keyword ranking is done. You still care about this income ^_^. Once in the site map king warned not to be fooled, do not buy what what the king X tips.

talk about your SEO process. No achievements, no experience.

how to learn SEO, I personally think, in addition to see other people free tutorial, we should see who’s website in Baidu most cattle, ranking best.

below is my example of a study, for your reference (not very detailed) some things, to see their own free tutorials.

1, first find a cattle station. (Baidu keyword for maximum traffic)

who stand the most cattle, then look at Baidu keyword that most.

, you can open Baidu, look at Baidu’s search list.

Zhang Xiaoyu 792138

halo, a keyword is the flow of 80W, ah, if ranked first, it also got.

admire, admire. Look who’s standing. Stationmaster did not leave QQ, cannot seem to communicate with expert >

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