How should novices learn website analysis


, the Dragon Boat Festival is probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever had. Today afternoon flight to Sydney, but because of his careless, can not take place before a moment that the visa, hurry! Return flight and hotel, also missed a very important meeting in a complete mess……


then share our time with the flight to our new friends, because many friends send me letters and ask me all kinds of questions, such as what books to read and what to do. I hope I can help you through this sequel to quickly open the door of the site.


is in the last year, wrote an article "[] letters from readers how novice learning website analysis?" ([] from readers how novice learning website analysis, talked about /?) based web site analysis need, friends are very concerned, but the discussion for the method is not much, I this will make up a sequel, talking about learning website analysis.


read books first or practice first?

we have been studying in school for a long time, but we should know that domestic education is very unsuccessful. For example, if you learn English for more than ten years still can not speak freely with foreigners is not your fault, is our country education is wrong, and the more you are a good student. You are too observant of conventional standards., can not learn English well — not to mention some English is wrong, but also by the church and Emperor wrote in the book China! A large out of the whole education. I want to ask the national postgraduate exam, some of my friends said that if you want to find a soul good wife in the study, or read, or don’t waste a few years of youth.


talks a lot of nonsense, return to the website analysis of study. To be frank, I didn’t finish reading any of the books that were analyzed by the website. I first studied the website for a year and didn’t read any books.

is the book really useful?


if you read from beginning to end, the definite answer is that you are wasting time, or at least inefficiently. Website analysis is practical science, which means that it’s the same as swimming. Are you really going to read three books about swimming and jump into the pool?

so I think the book is useful, but you should make good use of it. If you don’t plan to read any book at the beginning, don’t worry, you can learn the website analysis well, and it’s not worse than those who have read the n book.

How does

do it? The method is simple, direct practice.

first, you have to have a website, and this site can add monitoring code for Google Analytics. If this site has some traffic, it’s even better

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