Thinking about the importance of user experience from restaurants

said the reason first, because the details of the restaurant changed, and the conclusion had nothing to do with the restaurant.

lunch at the company restaurant, everyone knows that fast food is a fruit delivery, our company’s restaurant at noon to send watermelon, every small piece, but the watermelon is too small, so everyone take more. Disk before watermelon is put in place after the Kagan get the disk, each person’s habits are the first to eat two pieces, then take two meals to play. Then do not know who the idea, put the watermelon on the disc after the meal will be passed by the place, because we finished the meal and then took the chopsticks and porridge two hands basically are used, there is no way to get a lot of watermelon, so the restaurant saves a lot of watermelon.

it wasn’t a big change, but it saved the restaurant a small amount of money.

so I suddenly thought, the people who do the Internet in the design page actually the truth is the same, the same, in different positions, with different forms of performance, the effect will be very different.

, just as our website has recently been revised, has had the honor of attending several editorial seminars and more deeply felt the importance of this aspect.

usually, we also want to change the style, which place to put something, how to put?. But is it the right place for the design right now? Is there a better one than this one, or even the most suitable one? Is there a more appropriate form of expression,

?The job of

revision is more regarded as the task assigned by the leader, so many people may not consider these problems, and these questions are the most important for a website. Maybe a simple change will bring a great deal of users.

, but no matter how it changes, there is one of the most important prerequisites: understanding the user’s shape. When you want to change, ask yourself, do you understand user habits? Do you know the users most want to see is what? You know the current page on which part of most users attention? Do you know what is the reason for this part of the contents of such attention by users? If not understand these problems I advise you, do not rush to the first revision, these problems clear to say.

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