My part-time online PR experience

I am a senior student at an ordinary university. As a result of the school regulations to experience social life, I have chosen thousands of jobs on the Internet. I have been working part-time at a professional online public relations company.

and most of the domestic public relations company, I part-time company official staff of no more than 10 people. Buy a few computers, rent an office, and then, they have to expand a few hundred to thousands of people ranging from professional network public relations "speculation group", relying on these "child care" speculation.


consists of a professional team, is a group of unemployed "Indoorsman", "Indoorswoman". Their daily work, in accordance with the instructions issued by the company, to the Tianya, mop and other well-known forums to reply to the post, holding hot topics, with the company to complete the network public relations project.

"ha, I’ll have a bubble, too." Oh, my God, I’m speechless……" They are the most commonly used replies. However, many customers want to sell cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, and even funds, the professional knowledge of the relevant areas of high demand, you need to network public relations company planning, written by a person to write the soft text.

my first "project" was to hype up a Chinese fast-food restaurant. I was first arranged to go to Sina, Sohu, Shanghai hotline and other portals catering forum, and draw activists.

The first step of

which is a lot of network PR company "xuanxianrenneng". They usually watch 1~2 activists for months, send people to communicate with each other and ask if they are willing to join a public relations project.

"who would like to trade with people he has saved for years?"." I asked the activists to "speak" the requirements of repeated Yanci refused. I can only apply for ID, write their own "soft Wen" hair up.

every day, I’m going to register a new ID on the forum and send a story to eat at this Chinese fast food restaurant. Most of the time, I will use the diary form to write, such as today at noon and mom go shopping, go to this restaurant for dinner, what’s the point which dish dish, feel particularly delicious, "tooth cheek" language to describe the dishes.

in fact, the store can be "really unpalatable."". I reflected this problem to the company, plan to say, try to avoid "taste" problem.

every time a story like this, dining in the restaurant when encounter a girl to be his girlfriend, the restaurant became a place, the annual memorial day will be back here for dinner.

is amazing! But this post good affair can always give a deep impression, and everyone on the site is also very focused on the affair.

, but not every time so successful, and sometimes made a tough, "a post provoked thousands of curse" of the situation is very common.

, but it doesn’t matter. I’m used to being drowned in saliva. That’s a good thing. If no one replies, but also their own ‘top’ own, that is too easy to take. What’s more, the client’s requirements are very thick

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