Tips from Baidu search box to talk about user experience

Baidu launched a search box shows that search has been prompted for some time, and did not pay much attention to the original, increase the user experience, of course, is a good thing;

today, SEO- Kobayashi, as usual, when opening Baidu search, found that next to more than a "set" option,

as shown in the red section:



can be selected by the user that their love search tips, can not help but sigh in Baidu more and more attention to the user experience, think also failed to seize the user place how can do about


below, I’d like to point out that when designing a web page, we should take care of the user experience:

1, navigation design, hierarchical

confusing navigation is the most affecting user operations, and can not make it easy to find what you think. Users come to a page, do not know how to return to the previous page, I do not know the current page is under which column, such a site may soon be closed by the user, will not come again.

2, page opening time is too long,

if the page is open for more than 30 seconds or even longer, I don’t think anyone would like to wait.

3, dead or invalid pages too much,

, this is the most common mistake, including 163, QQ, such as large sites exist.

4, too many FALSH and pictures

appropriate use of pictures and Flash, can increase visual effects. But excessive use of Flash and pictures will cause page file to open faster, and the most important point is: is not conducive to search engines crawl on the site. So, in building time to consider visual effects, but also pay attention to the optimization of the later,


5, useless information,

, especially resource information, is not updated or expired users are full of joy to find, the result is useless, it will certainly have a bad impact on your station.

6, the user useful content as far as possible on the home page


home page should make everything the user wants is obvious if the content is in a corner of the station. Of course, not to say that all the things on the website list out, and get a home page of ten, OK? I think everyone should know,


7, eye-catching station search

and it’s better to have a tip to tell users that it’s necessary to be on a special site

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