Secondly, sum up the pseudo original creative techniques

is the original article many search engines love the contents of an original and insightful article can easily be included, can bring a lot of traffic to the site, the original skill and writing and not every webmaster can use the handy but. So, pseudo original turned out, pseudo original is to attract search engine is another important method.

pseudo original is not a simple copy, there is a saying that "the world article general copy, see you will not copy copy", "copy" is also a copy of good skills, can bring a lot of flowers and applause, also can bring flow; copy is not good to be attracted even reviled, blow. The author summed up a few months of editing experience, summed up a few pseudo original skills, hoping to write from the original and pseudo original webmaster help.

first, write pseudo original, must read through the original article, understand the article careless.

Imagine a

, you have not read the article, how can it make only superficial changes? Is the processing of the original false original article, if you do not have a general understanding of the original article, how to write the article? Is a time-consuming and demanding process, but is not reached, so original before Jingxiaxinlai conscientiously, to complete a pseudo original. Editors in going when the most headache words without meaning, not the end result of the article is to be deleted. An article, even if the author did not understand its meaning, let readers how to read? So, remember, pseudo original before, must treat you to the processing of the original is read as a whole, and grasp the idea.

secondly, pseudo originality is not plagiarism, but re creation.

"pseudo original" is the creation of re processing, if only a simple replacement keywords and web site, it is tantamount to plagiarism. Such an article is not only edited at a glance, but also can not escape the "Baidu spider" eyes. After reading through the main idea of the article, we should begin to use our own language to express the article. What we have said is original, even if it has been said by our predecessors. Some reason is not only predecessors understand, you realize, you can also say, even if this inspiration is from the older generation, such pseudo original can be accepted. Pseudo original, but also not simply rearrange the combination, put the first paragraph in the last paragraph, put the second paragraph in the last second paragraph, these methods are not called false original. Other people’s point of view, expressed in their own language, is the pseudo original.

again, add your URL in the article.

wrote the original purpose is to publicity, in order to add their URL link, but anyone will refuse naked AD, in the article with your web site link, is smart people practice. Writing a pseudo original, don’t say "finally to AD" this is cidiwuyin practices at the bottom, can openly said, "the article from where, left contact interaction" and so on, in the face of a real pseudo original article.

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