Webmaster how to start soft writing

recently found a lot of ad comments with links on the blog. Despite the daily deletion and exhaustion of various malicious comments to prevent the plug-in. But there’s still no way to solve the problem. There are still a lot of people who will post some link comments by hand. There is no way but to admire their stubborn spirit of making garbage. But couldn’t understand, these people do what is good, in order to increase the chain, is certainly not what effect, do not say that I am now a lot of people comment on the surface are used JS call, there is no effect on the search engine. Even if the search engine can crawl to these content, the effect will not be obvious. Rather than writing the content, then the stately to each big website publicity, saving effect is good, and have a sense of achievement.

talk about the benefits of writing soft text:

first, publicity effect is obvious. At present, the station collects the wind. Publish an article casually, publish to popular website, can be collected or reprinted by other website. Equivalent to many sites for you free publicity, if the article with links, but also bring a lot of the chain, to enhance the weight of the site is very helpful.

second is good for both webmasters and visitors. General soft writing, the purpose is to introduce or own their own web site or product. Just wise, soft Wen writing staff often can write the soft text like technical articles or empirical exchange of the article, so that people do not feel advertising. The general level of the people often write relatively straightforward, although also can write like in summing up experience, but it is easy to see. But no matter how well written, readers can learn or learn from them. Published on other people’s Web site, only a little value, the general webmaster will not delete. Unlike the direct link, just finished, it will be deleted immediately, wasting everyone’s time, there is no effect.

website how to start soft text writing propaganda:

1. Do a good job of locating user groups. Soft writing website, first of all is to consider the website user group to write target users interested in the content, this article written propaganda effect will be better, to achieve a multiplier effect. If your website is a entertainment site, you can write some eye-catching star gossip content, if it is a technical site, you can write some popular technology applications, or industry news.

two, write down the content of the target user group. When you have a good target audience, you must also understand the psychology of the user group to write down what they are interested in.

three, choose the right release channels. After the soft written, choose good to release channel is also very important. Publication channel selection. First, consider the number of users of the channel, and second, consider whether the user base of the channel is your customer base or close to your customer base.

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