Talking about the core value of blog marketing

did you write a blog today? Classmates and friends often ask each other questions similar to each other. Indeed, Blog has become an important part of Internet life in the past few years, and blogs are becoming more and more powerful at the level of public opinion, media influence and celebrity effect. The major mainstream portal blog has gradually become the stage of people’s life expression, personality display and ideological collision. It has also become an exposure platform for celebrity life and career. This is the full embodiment of blogging as a media attribute.

in the enterprise end, blog without entertainment celebrity so hot, as content for the king of the blog, enterprise want to have a certain, not overnight can achieve. The enterprise also must sober understanding, the blog marketing value, can have the definite goal, the persistent does. Blog marketing for enterprise core value mainly has the following points:

1, great influence. The core goal of blog marketing is to compete for the right to speak, with corporate blog influence, expanding their audience, professional, authoritative blog by enterprises, and gradually establish a network interactive enterprise brand influence, ultimately affect the user’s buying orientation.

2, good search engine performance. Blog marketing itself is in the enterprise to submit a link information page and website of high quality to the search engine, continuous blog marketing must be able to bring web search ranking to improve, blog marketing and search engine seamless docking, complement each other.

3, word of mouth effect, lasting effect. Enterprise blog in a field of continuous in-depth study, and user interaction at multiple levels, will inevitably produce word of mouth effect, to help users build lasting attention and loyalty.

4, low marketing costs. Compared with the traditional media at one hundred thousand above the level of advertising spending, blog marketing is the cheapest way of promotion, as long as you have time and perseverance, the enterprise will continue to return, at the same time in the middle of the blog marketing online survey for the enterprise and save the market research expenditure.

5, beyond competitors. Victory belongs to the people in the morning Road, blog marketing is the same, enterprises as long as the early consciousness, early action, adhere to do network marketing, competitors are always behind us.

The value of

blog marketing lies in the foresight. When the enterprise insists and seriously does it for a long time, the help of blog marketing will appear constantly. It is the ladder of the long-term interests of enterprises.


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