Server hosting

easy four trick to teach you select hosting server

first recruit: first managed, may wish to look at the ICP card

is the first time you want to rely on this server hosting business, dig out the life first bucket of gold, then never considered without a ICP license "small company", to lock a good qualification, large scale, great reputation, high credibility of the company, which is the basic principle, even spend thousands of dollars worth. In the future you will understand why.

second trick: try to cross unnecessary middlemen (intermediaries)

as far as possible across the middle taking unnecessary, less roundabout, it is not all to save money (of course, this is also one of the factors), because middleman, future instability may occur more difficult mutually making excuses. Try to find a hosting service that rents the cabinet directly from the computer room. A friend asked directly to the room is not the best managed best? I think it might be, but sometimes directly managed to the room, the price more expensive than through intermediaries, because the room is mainly for companies that hire cabinet, on the server hosting sporadic customers is not very seriously, the mandatory service business service is not necessarily catch good.

third: don’t study room, recommended to investigate the service

remember, not about service providers in the room to meet, because study room is the second, investigate the service is fundamental to service company to see the house big? Many people? Scale okay? Okay? History is not long? General service providers can’t wait to go about you see the deluxe room, deluxe room again, but remember, family room will not give you any responsibility, a problem you have to find a service provider.

do not select fixed telephone, fixed place website hosting, especially to ignore the PHS, leaving only easyown, QQ number, E-mail, this kind of personnel will evaporate at any time, don’t see their online phone and you can talk to the fiery, serious things when vague, so don don’t put the machine where they rested, otherwise the machine lost you can’t report.

fourth strokes: inspection room, focusing on its size, history,

although the investigation room is secondary, but it is also necessary to investigate, not only to listen to service providers boast of bandwidth, speed, good, depends on the size of the computer room, history. Now the Beijing engine room is bristly, from time to time there is a new computer room emerging, one is telecom level, others said, but the telecommunications level of the computer room, did not say that the telecom opened ah, do not misunderstand ah, ha ha. The service provider may give you the speed of testing websites in person, but the bandwidth is good and the speed is not always good. It’s a tongue twister, but it’s a common knowledge in the industry. A new room originally because the machine is less, so the speed must be fast, but this new room considering the initial start-up costs, often leading to smaller total exports of the Internet backbone, operating for a period of time, many customers.

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